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Monogram App Helps You Create An Impressive Mobile Portfolio

Create and share what you do in a simple and beautiful way with Monogram.

Monogram is a new iOS app by Moo, company known for its on-demand business-card printing service.

Monogram app lets you design a mobile portfolio for your creative works. Photos, texts, and links can be inserted into square format tiles and arranged horizontally or perpendicularly. You can also choose the colors for your tiles.

Monogram app stores each miniature portfolio locally. The app is designed for offline access without the need for wi-fi or a network connection.

This video explains exactly how the app works:

The Monogram portfolio is stored on your phone and it works offline, which can be pretty useful for pitching to new clients.

You can share it with your friends or on the Web – by sending the link to your potential client, he will see your Monogram as you intend it to, regardless of what device he is using. You can also link your portfolio to your own website, your Facebook or elsewhere.

When you download the app, you will see an example Monogram from photographer Alex Ford.

Alex Ford’s Monogram shows all the possibilities beyond the app. It contains a welcome tile, a collection of his photographs and links to his Instagram and Twitter profile. His portfolio is divided by subjects and you can browse them by swiping down. Once you chose the category, swipe right to see the photos.

This “pocket portfolio” is a nice, visually pleasing alternative for printed out or online version of portfolio. You can download the IOS version of the Monogram app for free and see how it can work for you.

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