Moburst Launches Its New Creators Network: Army of Creators

Moburst, a leading digital and mobile-first agency, is excited to announce the launch of its new Creators Network.

Through our new Army of Creators, clients will be able to benefit from amazing Creators worldwide, who are experts at creating super authentic content that looks real, and trustworthy – and is created specifically for a platform, such as TikTok.

Moburst works with creators who understand each platform’s nuances and best practices and are completely natural and real. Creator-generated content receives a 4x higher click-through rate, compared to average ads.

In addition, through the Creator Network, Moburst is able to provide the clients with more impactful campaigns, a much faster turnaround to launch the campaigns, and more impactful content, all while being more cost-effective.

Head of Influencers at Moburst, Sophia Cohen said;

Influencers and content creators naturally know how to create engaging and relatable videos that perform without sounding too ad-like.

Rylee Ollearis adds, who is both an Influencers Marketing Manager at Moburst and an active influencer with 240k followers on social media;

Creators have more experience making their videos creative and engaging – incorporating different sounds, voices, trends, and more to bring more views to their own page.

The Moburst Creators Network covers all verticals, including beauty, fitness, spiritual and health, business & coaching, tech enthusiasts, lifestyle and motherhood, DIY, foodies, and more.

And unlike influencers who post on their own channels, Moburst’s creators make content that gets posted on the brand’s channels directly and therefore could have fewer restrictions and are more focused on the brand and its campaign.

Founder and CEO of Moburst, Gilad Bechar said;

We’ve signed more than 400 creators already and continue expanding quickly. We’ve tested this approach with more than 15 brands and we saw outstanding results.

When you are as data-driven as we are, and obsessed with getting better performance, it’s becoming harder than ever to beat winning well-optimized sets of creatives. Our Army of Creators is all about solving this pain point and bringing a fresh approach to the market.

We take the hassle of finding the creators, engaging with each of them, guiding them on best practices for each tool, and delivering it to the brand.

The cost of using our army of creators is 10x cheaper than producing standard video ads, and the authenticity is making a huge difference in the performance of each asset.

To learn more about how the Creator Network can benefit your brand, you may consult Moburst’s expert team immediately.

About Moburst

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