The Mobile Payment Landscape And Its Opportunities

Find out all you need to know about the mobile payment landscape with this free white paper by MOBGEN!

The international payment landscape is changing rapidly. The once unassailable banks and credit card companies are now subject to fierce competition from a new generation of digital service providers, whose mobile banking solutions are often much cheaper, more transparent and more customer-oriented than the services your customers are currently still using.

Retailers who haven’t yet taken the plunge into utilising the ‘mobile payment button’, are mainly failing to do so due to lack of clarity in their understanding of this dynamic young sector.

Additionally, many enterprises are not able to properly assess the technical implications for their own back end. In practice, these businesses are often losing out. By waiting till the new technology has fully crystallised, they particularly miss out on the often-substantial benefits of engaging with early adopters.

mobile payment technologies

This white paper is dedicated to answering a number of key questions about putting these attractive opportunities into action:

1. What are the most important mobile payment technologies and what are their benefits?

2. Who are the most important providers of mobile payment solutions?

3. In what way are companies already successfully using it?

4. Which solutions fit best with your digital-mobile strategy?

Download the whitepaper here!


MOBGEN delivers mobile platforms that strengthen the relationship between customers and brands or companies and employees. They aim to make mobile interaction easy, engaging and rewarding, so that users become loyal and life-long brand-ambassadors.

With more than 100 mobile specialists working from 4 locations, Amsterdam, London, Singapore and A Coruña, MOBGEN offers the following services: Mobile strategy, UI/UX design, usability testing, system architecture & integration, mobile portal development (native, hybrid, html5), quality assurance and run, maintain and analytics of mobile platforms.

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