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Mobile-Only Users Surpassed Desktop-Only Users

According to a new report from ComScore, there are now more mobile-only internet users than desktop-only users in the US.

Comscore reported that the number of mobile-only internet users exceeds the number of desktop-only internet users in March, for the first time. This does not mean that mobile users access Internet frequently, the research shows users who exclusively use one type of device. Also results show that there is a crossover from people who use both devices.

In 2014, the total amount of desktop-only users was 19.1%, and this year it is 10.6%. In 2014, total amount of mobile-only users was 10.8% and this year it is 11.3%.

It is clear that desktop-only number of users is declining faster than the rise of mobile-only users. Comscore points out that most users , 78 percent, are still using both a desktop and mobile device for web access.

mobile-only users desktop-only users

This report shows the decline in popularity of desktop devices and rise of mobile phone users. It reveals how mobile devices are becoming more and more popular among world population.

ComScore’s report says;

All that said, desktops still play an important role in digital, and they don’t look to be phased out of our lives anytime soon. They’re highly practical and efficient for accomplishing complex and information-heavy tasks, which makes them crucial for workforce productivity. Additionally, consumers still prefer desktops when making online retail purchases, with 87 percent of total digital commerce coming from the platform, despite mobile accounting for 60 percent of total time spent shopping online. All signs indicate that the desktop computer is here to stay for the foreseeable future, but let’s also not be surprised if, as a society, we become even more mobile over the years to come. And with more mobile-only internet users than desktop-only users, it is yet another sign that digital media is evolving towards “mobile first.”

This milestone is a reminder of the fact that mobile screens are now primary for most users. Regardless, marketers need to take a cross-device approach and deliver for all types of screens, including mobile and various user interfaces which will pop up along with the emerging IoT trend.

Have a look at ComScore’s report for details.

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