Mirror To The Soul – Virtual Reality Meets Haute Couture At Fashion Week Russia

A virtual reality experience created by YouVisit, walks you through the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Fashion weeks are one of the most coveted events for most divas, aspiring designers and fashion miesters…

For all those who are lucky to land the golden invites, attendance usually means a view from the sidelines.

Enter “Mirror to the Soul”, a VR reality immersive experience that captures the scene at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015 in Russia.

In a five minute whirlwind, it takes you on a journey outlining every highlight of the event. The project is powered by YouVisit, a platform that creates interactive virtual tours of hard-to-access places, to give us an incredible VR fashion rodeo.

Be it a scene from backstage, the front row, starring the crowd and everything in between, it takes you to more than just behind the scenes or restricted views from the sidelines.

Stitching together perspectives from designers, models, make-up artists, illustrators and the spectators, you can see it all in a fabulous 360 degree, panoramic view presented in this short film.

Watch the magic unfold here:

You can best experience this footage using a Google Cardboard headset, or enjoy it using Youtube’s 360 feature on your phone or laptops.

Mirror to the Soul follows different members of the fashion week, beginning with Fashion Director Elina Halimi, moving onto Anastasia Surgutko, a 20 year old runway model. The video then features behind the scenes footage, then continues on with commentary from Jae Suk Kim a fashion illustrator from Seoul, shortly followed by words of wisdom by Yasya Minochkina, a Fashion Designer.

The majority of the world views Fashion Week from behind a screen, for such an audience this is ground-breaking. Now you can be in on the glamorous event from the comfort of your own bed, and most importantly without spending a dime.

YouVisit CEO, Abi Mandelbaum, says,

One thing that I’ve noticed is that fashion is about a lot more than just the designs, it’s about what’s happening in the world, and it’s about the models, the designers, their inspirations, the stories behind them, and that’s what VR allows them to do, to tell all of that in an interesting way. That’s the power of VR; it goes way beyond just what’s happening in the room.

The beauty of the video lies in offering an experience beyond that which you would have gotten in person.

The film met international acclaim and also an award for Best VR Travel Film or Experience at the VR Fest 2016, the world’s largest virtual reality festival.

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