Mint&Berry – The World Needs More Romance

Berlin-based fashion brand Mint & Berry needed a partner they could trust for their #moreromance campaign.

As one of Zalando’s private labels, Mint & Berry offers modern, feminine pieces that marry simplistic chic with vintage charm.

For this project, Studios’ job was to help make tangible the kindness, empathy, and altruism that the brand embodies through an immersive online experience.

The Approach

To establish this positive outlook, Mint & Berry envisioned the campaign as an antidote to online negativity and a celebration of the everyday act of getting dressed.

By forming a joint task force, their two teams worked against the clock to build a set of digital solutions designed to meet these goals.

The Solution Studios ended up with a vibrant, imaginative micro-site that evokes the wonder of a daydream through a blend of romantic imagery and the brand’s retro product offering.

Keeping the themes of the #moreromance campaign top-of-mind, they expanded upon this unique digital design with several interactive and community-focused components.

A Vibrant eCommerce Experience

The micro-site Studios developed for this campaign featured a user-friendly, shoppable lookbook. Meanwhile, micro-animations and a dynamic background helped to establish a clear visual language.

Social Media Integration

Thanks to automated social media integration, the micro-site displayed the latest social media posts from the brand’s audience, filtered by specific hashtags.

Creative Audience Engagement

Their integrated raffle module invited audiences from across Mint & Berry’s channels to enter to win a unique prize every day for 14 days.

The Outcome/Impact

The campaign exceeded all expectations, having sold out the first merchandise collection within 48hours. In the end, Mint & Berry were so pleased with the results that their partnership has continued as the digital lead agency for all of Zalando’s private labels.

About Studios Studios is a creative agency based in Berlin. They create brands and experiences that shape the now.