Microsoft’s HoloLens Goes Commercial

The augmented reality headset from Microsoft is now open for business and finally “goes real” for its waiting real-time customers.

Microsoft is opening up sales for its holographic headset HoloLens for everyone. Although so many people want to buy the helmet, Microsoft says HoloLens is available to developers and business customers only (called the “Development Edition“), but even if you’re not one of the two, you can have one.

All you need to do have a residential address in the U.S or Canada and have a proper Microsoft account.

The developer edition is for $3,000 but the enterprise version is not announced yet.

Product Features

• Kiosk Mode – To set the “demo mode” of the HoloLens for experiences and presentations, aiming to use them in tourism and education.
• MDM (Mobile Device Management) – Provides InTune, the software program that allows businesses to manage a bunch of HoloLens items at a time.
• Work Access – Provides access to business platforms from home.
• Windows Store for Business – Provides businesses access to the company’s apps like Word, Excel or Photoshop.
• Windows Update for Business – For more frequent device-updates.
• Azure Active Directory – For security concerns.
• Bitlocker Encryption – A login type for HoloLens, essential to secure a business.

Here’s the official commercial of the HoloLens:

A safety and security conscious product, Microsoft positions HoloLens to work with government organizations like NASA.

HoloLens is still in the development process so the current version is not finished yet. But still the AR developing businesses like to see the advantages of the product.

In comparison to all VR headsets, this AR-based technology is superior owing to its security concept. Do you agree? Comment below.

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