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Meet The New MacBook Pro’s Major Feature: Touch Bar

In the past few days, the biggest laptop event of the year happened. The new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar will be nothing but a game-changer for the market’s future.

Seems like MacBook Pro is getting all the thumbs up in the security function for the first time. Released on October 27, Apple’s new laptop has some bombshell news in the design. It’s called Touch Bar and Touch ID.

The Touch Bar was introduced at the event. The retina display bar replaces the function keys of the keyboard and responds to touch and gestures. It also changes with the software, so if a user is in a web browser, the Touch Bar will bring up stuff like bookmarks, as well as the option to add a new tab, move between tabs, or navigate to a different website.


It also displays photos in its bar. Users can slide their finger across the Touch Bar to change filters, or browse and resize photos. In iMovie, user can see the news feed on your Touch Bar. Users can control their own show-ups on their Touch Bar including system controls, -even emojis- and more. Overall, it seems to present an alternative to the touchscreen.

Let’s watch the introduction of Touch Bar here:

There’s one more thing that Touch ID is also integrated next to the Touch Bar. Touch ID can also be used for more than one user-machine. To quickly switch between accounts, only tapping the button will be enough.

Thomas Reed, director of Mac offerings at security firm Malwarebytes says,

This could be a huge boon for authentication. It’s stronger than a password, but easy for even a novice to use. Used in conjunction with a good password manager, it could hugely improve the user’s online security.

Touch Bar is like a security-meets-design property for 2016. Looks very good, but is it functional? Only time will tell.

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