Meet Flippy, The Workaholic Burger-Flipping Robot

Flippy was founded in California by Miso robotics, loves its job, and cooks burgers just like us!

An augmented-intelligence driven kitchen assistant was founded in California lately. Called Flippy, it is a robot that can flip burgers and place them on buns, just like a chef that cooks delicious burgers. The gadget is developed by Miso Robotics and CaliBurger‘s owner, Cali Group located in Pasadena, California.

Flippy makes its debut at CaliBurger. The co-founder company even has rolled out Flippy in 50 of its restaurants.

Let’s have a look at Flippy’s skills, here:

Flippy isn’t just an arm that just flips, but actually a more complex tool: It has cameras, sensors, and more. The cameras can see the location of the bun and the patty. It “knows” when the patty is cooked and flips it over. Once the process is done, it picks up the patty and places it on an empty bun.

The CEO of Miso Robotics, David Zito says,

We focus on using AI and automation to solve the high pain points in restaurants and food prep. That’s the dull, dirty and dangerous work around the grill, the fryer, and other prep work like chopping onions. The idea is to help restaurants improve food quality and safety without requiring a major kitchen redesign.

However, it is questionable that another AI gadget is taking over manpower, but Flippy is just doing its job and the rest of the burger is still done by humans.

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