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MediaMonks Designed Several Google Watch Faces

MediaMonks’ latest: UX, design and development for Google’s Watch Faces platform, designed for Android Wear.

Digital Agency MediaMonks designed several interfaces for Google Watch Faces, Google’s own smart-watch.

Watch faces in Android Wear leverage a dynamic digital canvas to tell time using colors, animations, and relevant contextual information. The Android Wear companion app provides watch faces with different styles and shapes. When users select one of the available watch faces on the wearable or on the companion app, the wearable device previews the watch face and lets the user set configuration options.

Some of MediaMonks’ designs are: Surfline, Porsche and Un Petit Monde.


Wesley ter Haar, COO and founder of MediaMonks explains;

Never ending personalisation and adaptation of wearable technology is one of the biggest trends in consumer tech at this moment. With the new Watch Face API Google wants to offer Android Wear users even more possibilities to express their personal style.

There is an official Watch Face API giving users the possibility to create their own Android Wear faces. The watch faces and the software will be updated continuously and can be found in a new section of the Google Play Store.

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