Mayple Shares Its Quarterly Future Of Marketing Insights

Digital marketing has been evolving very fast. All the agencies and brands need to keep up with the updates in order to survive in this digital era. Of course, they also need to foresee the future so they can plan for it!

Keeping this in mind, the digital agency Mayple asked three questions to 15 marketing influencers about their marketing vision, approach and expectations for 2025:

  1. What changes can they expect in marketing?
  2. How they expect marketing to be in 2025?
  3. What their unique approach is going to be?

Sam Hurley

Sam has specialized in digital marketing for over 6 years and founded his own company, Optim-Eyez. He has experience in both agency and client-side. He is considered to be the #1 digital influencer at the moment and has a great success story.


What changes do you expect in marketing?

Sam Hurley answered:

Without a doubt, a shift from revenue-focused marketing to customer-centricity is needed in the UK! Coupled with this: A mentality that devotedly serves retention, not ‘churn and burn’ strategies. All too often, further overseas brands just do things better — I see it displayed every day by acquaintances, clients, and brands I buy from abroad. Go above and beyond to please your customers and let them know they mean the world to you as a business. (Because they really do.)

He added:

There are many UK brands that put so much effort into gaining new customers, they seem to forget about their existing base. #SourTaste Yeah, you know those T.V. adverts I’m referring to! This is often seen throughout all departments of said companies, which can create truly awful experiences for people who should be enjoying a pleasant purchase journey.

How do you expect marketing to be in 2025?

In addition to the above, ultimate personalisation and a real understanding + accommodation of the multi-device customer path, please!

What is your unique approach going to be?

I’ve never advertised any of my services; I’ve always been dedicated to putting people and relationships first.
It really pays when you genuinely want your audience and customers to succeed and/or simply feel good — my story is only testament to this concept that will be alien to some. (Additionally, I also use a lot of emojis.) 😊👊🚀😁

Lilach Bullock

Lilach is a specialist and speaker in the fields of digital marketing and social media. She has experience in content creation, online marketing and technological innovations. She is also the founder of Lilach Bullock LTD.


What changes do you expect in marketing?

Lilach Bullock stated:

In the coming years, we’ll probably struggle to find any successful business that doesn’t have a social media presence. Artificial Intelligence will surely have a significant impact on social media, and businesses will have to learn how to use it is a smart way to their communications and service benefit. New forms of content will certainly appear. Augmented reality and virtual reality will make their impact known. Businesses will be using a much wider variety of expertise to create their content and will have to be even more creative so they will be able to differentiate themselves.

How do you expect marketing to be in 2025?

Social media platforms themselves won’t change that much over time, but rather the way people use them. Businesses will have to adapt to ever-changing consumer behavior and get more and more agile with their marketing efforts so they can respond quickly. Proving ROI will continue to be one of the biggest challenges social media marketers face, and businesses will have to use more research and tools to do so.

What is your unique approach going to be?

I create holistic online marketing that motivates people to connect with brands. My mission is to translate my successful strategies to help businesses position themselves effectively in their industry.

Chris Ducker

As the founder of Youpreneur, Chris loves sharing his knowledge of entrepreneurship. He has run several businesses and employed over 300 people all around the world.


What changes do you expect in marketing?

Chris Ducker explained:

The game of online business has changed, and it’s going to continue to change. The problem with building your business based on ever-evolving rules is that they’re going to be different next week or next month or next year. No one can keep up with that. The main shift in attitude entrepreneurs can hugely enjoy is moving from trend-based marketing to personal brand based marketing. The world has changed the way consumers engage, and implementing a personal branding approach will keep them authentic, agile and engaging.

How do you expect marketing to be in 2025?

Marketing will be managed in a much more personal and agile way. Some entrepreneurs will be promoting their personality, instead of conceptual brands. I coined the term ‘Youpreneur’ to describe this strategy. It makes every decision so much easier because you’re not constantly trying to gauge the whims of the market. To do that, the first thing they need is to find who they are and what they want to be known for. That’s the single most important thing.

What is your unique approach going to be?

I help entrepreneurs become the go-to leaders in their industries; building profitable, sustainable business around them and those they want to serve. I do that in two steps that are combined with each other. The first is self-awareness – defining who you actually are, what you want to be known for and what you want to become known for. The second step is defining your target audience and their main pain points. Combine the two together and you have a Youpreneur strategy to start with.

Lukasz Zelezny

Lukasz is a well-known, successful SEO lead, whom you can run into in the streets in a different country. He loves travelling all around the world. He also runs his own company SEO London.


What changes do you expect in marketing?

Lukasz Zelezny said:

I think companies need to be more willing to be creative with their marketing, rather than just conforming to what everybody else is doing. We know that SEO and PPC are valuable, and I’m definitely not suggesting that anyone stops implementing these campaigns, but I do think that if companies were more willing to think outside the box, they may start to see higher levels of success.

He exemplified:

For example, I’ve worked with local companies who use HubSpot and MailChimp to send out newsletters. And, while this strategy can work well for repeat custom, I also advise local businesses to also consider more traditional marketing methods like posting flyers and buying ad space in the local paper. Obviously, this isn’t something that’s going to work as well for multinational companies – but for local it can still be a success.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that while the most common marketing techniques still work, and are still recommended, it’s definitely worth thinking outside of the box and this is something the industry should start to recommend. Think about where your target audience spend much of their time, and think about the marketing methods you could employ that your competitors are ignoring. Those who do this may be surprised by the success they achieve.

How do you expect marketing to be in 2025?

By 2025, I expect the marketing skills that many of us have today will be outdated and no longer useful. Similar to how SEO has changed drastically over the past ten years and how we’ve all had to evolve to adjust to the changes, I expect to see a similar thing happen with marketing in general. Machine learning is growing by leaps and bounds, and those who have a generalist skill set will easily be overtaken. Instead, we’ll all be specialising in niche areas like data analytics and neuromarketing.

I also don’t think lead generation will be as important as it is today, but instead customer retention will be what most companies are interested in. And when you think about it, it makes sense. Not only is customer retention cheaper, but most consumers are brand loyal, so when they find a company that they like working with, they’ll stick with them. Marketers will be looking at the lifetime value of a customer too and doing what they can to extract the full amount from them. This will require a whole different mindset to the lead generation style of marketing the majority of companies perform today.

What is your unique approach going to be?

When I help clients with marketing, the one thing I do before anything else is find out more about who they are. I truly believe that in order for a campaign to be successful, you need to know who it is you are advertising to. After all, without understanding your target market, you can’t create the kind of ads, content, and marketing material that will bring you success.

I also make use of a number of tools to help me implement a good campaign. I’m not afraid to use a variety of tools to help ensure I’m targeting the correct keywords. I also perform A/B testing to ensure that every campaign I run is worth the client’s money. There’s no point at all in continuing to pump dollars into a campaign that isn’t making that money back, but sometimes just a few tweaks is all that is needed.
Finally, I also make sure to keep my clients informed about what I am doing and ask for their feedback. It’s happened before that a client will give me a small nugget of insight or make a suggestion that takes their campaign to the next level. I’m not keen on the conformist approach. I think the human touch and individualised marketing is much better.

Mayple has shared its quarterly future of marketing insights. This includes 15 leading marketing influencers in total. They underline really significant points for all marketers to read.

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