MaxAudience Takes Tru Grit’s Websites SEO Rating From Page 10 to Page 3

A case study by MaxAudience on helping a brand expand their brand recognition through SEO marketing strategies.

The Challenge

Tru Grit saw that there was a need in the fitness industry for quality products that are functional, durable, attractive, and can be used both in a gym or at home. The brand has a passion for fitness and innovation that inspired the team to create fitness equipment that is a professional-grade at an affordable price.

Tru Grit contacted MaxAudience to help them improve their digital online presence as the products were available on their website and yet their brand awareness was not there. Digital marketing agency MaxAudience realized that to improve sales it was about improving their marketing strategies beginning with their website and SEO.

Project Overview

MaxAudience saw many opportunities to improve Tru Grit’s digital marketing so that they can dominate their marketplace.

The innovative product design concepts are ones that needed to be showcased and seen in organic search. Brands often times believe that if they have a good-looking website, then they will begin to sell products, however, there is much more that needs to be set up in the back end on a website to get the ranking.

The first step in the marketing strategy was about focusing on choosing keywords and then working on the content strategy within the website to improve their algorithm.

Implementing Strategy

MaxAudience knew that when it comes to improving search engine rankings, it takes a series of steps to see significant change.

The competition for rankings has increased over the years and it is not as easy as it once was to be in the top 10 or page 1 within a few weeks. The search engine algorithms continuously update to become more sophisticated, and with that sophistication, it becomes harder with just basic improvements. It takes a strong strategy to improve.

Results in search page rankings for brands take 6 months to a year. However, as a digital advertising agency, MaxAudience realized that with a powerful marketing strategy they could cut that time in half to help Tru Grit get seen and sell products.

The first step was about doing keyword research on intent-based keywords, broad-based keywords, and long-tail keywords. Brands need to find both short and long-tail keywords that are specific to their product or service.

Once the keywords were chosen, the next step was about taking them and optimizing them in the content of the website. Keywords need to be in the first 100 words of your content and evenly dispersed throughout the page. You will want the Headlines (H2, H3, H4) to have the keywords in them. For brands that are product based the product title needs to include the keywords and have them be the starting word in the description.

On-page optimization is an important part of a good SEO strategy, and yet it often gets overlooked. These pieces include the title tag, meta description, and alt image text.

A title tag is the page’s title, and it needs to include the keyword within the 50 to 60 character limit.
The meta description will have more information, and the goal is to entice someone to want to click on it and view your page. The character limit is 150-170.

Alt image text is the wording that corresponds to an image. The image text needs to have your keywords in it as well as corresponding with what the image is. Search engines will know if the two are not relatable.

The Results

Since MaxAudience has been working on the website’s keywords, their search engine ranking has made significant improvements. Within one month of the strategy and work being done, Tru Grit began ranking for 5 major keywords, including their brand name. Other keywords that they were ranking for but on page 10 moved to page 3 within the 4 weeks. The exciting part is that these results are only in a short time, so as the algorithms update the rankings will continue to improve.

Mark McIntyre, MaxAudience CEO stated:

This product is built to last and look great, Get your sweat on!

About MaxAudience

MaxAudience is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with online lead generation and conversion at its core.

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