MaxAudience Helps Los Angeles Air Force Recruiting Services With Lead Ad Campaign

Here is a case study of MaxAudience on taking recruiting into the digital age with a lead generation campaign to connect recruits with a brand.

The Challenge

The United States Air Force is a well-recognized brand. However, the recruiting services realized that with COVID-19 it was time to go to a stronger online digital presence. With people of all ages increasingly staying home and live venues and events at a stand-still, digital marketing has been the primary option for reaching recruits the majority of 2020. They needed new opportunities to reach interested candidates and give job opportunities to individuals who want more or looking for a career. To do that they had to focus on where the recruits are not where they were.

The Air Force Recruiter’s purpose is to introduce military life and provide a candidate with information and career opportunities. Recruit, train, and educate Airmen to deliver airpower for America.

When they approached the digital marketing agency MaxAudience to help them improve their digital recruiting strategy. They immediately saw the disconnect and moved to fill the gap.

Project Overview

The U.S. Air Force has Recruiting Centers all over the United States, the Los Angeles Recruiting Center was the location that needed to get more leads and conversions.

The overall strategy that was designed was to focus on using brand recognition and to increase high quality recruiting leads. The immediate goal was to generate leads for recruiters to be able to follow up with and engage with.

Implementing Strategy

MaxAudience decided that using Social Media Lead Ads would be a great way to collect information from the audience on Facebook without them having to leave the platform. This is different than a typical lead generation strategy which takes the prospect to a separate landing page outside of Facebook. Since prospects don’t have to leave the platform, they are more likely to submit their information.

Social Media ads are mobile-friendly and geotargeted, which is perfect for being able to specifically target a location near each recruiter. They are easy to adapt so that one can gather more information. Custom questions were designed to uncover an audience preference which is important information for recruiters. They need to know what part of the U.S. Airforce value proposition speaks to the potential recruit, whether it is education, lifestyle, travel, or a lifetime career opportunity.

Another key reason that MaxAudience decided on a social media ad strategy is the retargeting ads feature. Once a potential recruit entered information, they were able to retarget them with relevant ads based on their actions. It is important to keep them interested and give quality information.

The Results

Since MaxAudience started helping they have seen a 250% increase in leads within 30 days. This type of campaign is a brand new one for the Los Angeles Recruiting Squadron.

Mark McIntyre, MaxAudience CEO stated:

The Armed Forces are essential to our country, these are good men and women and their mission is our safety. It’s is all of our best interest to provide them with only the highest quality recruits.

About MaxAudience

MaxAudience is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with online lead generation and conversion at its core.

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