MaxAudience Helps Komax Recover from Algorithm Updates

What to do, when it all goes wrong. A guide and case study from MaxAudience about recovering Komax’s search traffic volume after a major Google algorithm update.

The Challenge

Komax Systems Inc. is leading the industry in static mixing technology. A client of MaxAudience and for four years they were on page 1 of Google Search for all of their most profitable keywords. Then disaster struck! Google updated the algorithm and the once high-ranking website was nowhere to be seen. That is when digital marketing agency MaxAudience had to go into problem-solving mode.

The Project and Strategy Implementation

Komax’s ranking was hit by a Google algorithm change, which led to a drastic drop in traffic from Google. MaxAudience realized that their client needed a series of structural changes on their website to be able to combat the loss of traffic and keyword rankings. To do this, they initially reorganized Komax’s site map and re-uploaded it to Google search console. Result, still no joy.

So they went back into the site and built an even cleaner version of the website design’s layout and menu system. As they organized the pages up for this site map, they realized that their client needed a structural cleanup of Komax’s menu systems, so both Google and clients could easily interface through their pages.

They researched successful competitors, keyword variations, and strategies for menu layouts and were able to focus down on fixing the way their client presented their products. MaxAudience made a clean category page for each of their products and streamlined their product pages to be easier to read and have boxes of information for both Google and clients to understand what each product offered.

The Results

After finishing these changes and cleaning up old URL’s with redirections to specific product pages, Komax saw an instant increase and fix of their traffic going to their product pages. This was because MaxAudience were able to group together all information pertaining to each product Komax offered in highly specific product pages. More relevant keywords to be added and Google started to take notice.

As they better organized the information, they provided the site visitor, Google re-indexed the site and traffic increased. This process had to be worked through several times and finally, they were back!

The moral of the story is when calamity hits in search, look to your site map. Look at your content. What works for years and years change in a day and you will need to change with it.

In the end, they are back to page 1 for everything and stronger than ever.

Mark McIntyre, MaxAudience CEO stated:

Disasters can’t always be avoided, but with clear eyes you can get to the other side stronger than ever.

About MaxAudience

MaxAudience is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with online lead generation and conversion at its core.

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