MaxAudience Helps Client Komax Improve on Outstanding SEO Results

Here is a case study and guide from MaxAudience about using SEO strategies to improve upon their search engine rankings for long-tail keywords. They focus on long-tail keywords that show buying intent to increase revenue.

The Challenge

Komax has been leading the industry in static mixing technology and utilized in over 100,00 installations. The brand has seen over the years as a MaxAudience client great google search rankings for their products. However, as with all things, you are either growing or dying. For this case study, MaxAudience focuses on a mature SEO campaign and adding, even more, focus on keywords that prospects search when they are ready to make a buying decision.

Project Overview

The overall strategy was to focus on the power of research and continuing search engine optimization (SEO) within the new Google search algorithms. While they are ranking very high on many keywords, the focus was to gain ranking on long-tail keywords to round out their overall strategy. This type of campaign adds a relatively low volume of search traffic but can have a massive effect on the bottom line.

Implementing the Strategy

The end goal of SEO is to improve a website’s position in search engines. Users trust search engines when they are looking at result pages. A top spot indicates to a user that the brand is a credible and reliable source.

Google uses SEO to determine which sites deserve to rank high based on the algorithms. When working on improving SEO it involves multiple strategies, actions, and best practices, which all work together to improve a brand’s ranking. SEO also improves the customer experience by making it simpler for customers to become repeat buyers.

Long-tail keywords focus on more specific search terms. While they get less search traffic, they have a higher conversion rate. Long-tail keywords are a strategy designed for improving a brand’s ranking when there is a lot of competition in the market.

In addition to working on the website pages for SEO, the keyword strategy was also used for the blog creations and press releases. Komax has weekly blogs and while the blogs always used best SEO practices, it targeted the keywords that needed ranking improvement. Press releases can aid a brand in appearing higher in search results, however, one must use an effective strategy so as not to be labeled as spam.

The Results

The Komax website was reconfigured for search engine optimization, focusing on critical long-tail keywords. While the website has always been optimized, it is an ongoing process that needs to be consistently worked on and updated in order to stay current. The blogs and press releases were written with a focus moving toward the long-tail keywords and maintaining the quality content that is relevant and engaging to the reader.

The following terms were identified as some of the final searches engineers were doing before making a buying decision and the results speak for themselves:

  • The long-tail keywords Sanitary Static Mixer was originally ranking page 3, position 5 (December 2019) to page 1, position 4 (December 2020).
  • The long-tail keywords Sanitary Steam Heater moved from page 2, position 4 (December 2019) to page 1, position 2 (December 2020).
  • The long-tail keywords Direct Injection Steam Heater was originally ranking page 2, position 5 (December 2019) and now is ranking page 1, position 1 (December 2020).
  • The long-tail keywords Teflon Lined Static Mixer went from page 3, position 6 (December 2019) to page 1, position 2 (December 2020).

Mark McIntyre, MaxAudience CEO stated:

Great companies don’t sit on their hands when things are good overall. They always fight for growth.

About MaxAudience

MaxAudience is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with online lead generation and conversion at its core.

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