MaxAudience Continues to Improve SEO for Renovation Realty

A case study of MaxAudience on taking a brand with multiple locations and expanding their brand recognition through SEO marketing strategies.

The Challenge

Renovation Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage combined with a general contractor license to maximize profits from the sale of their client’s homes. Their team of agents currently help clients in San Diego County, San Jose County, and San Francisco.

Renovation Realty contacted MaxAudience to help them improve their digital online presence, marketing strategies, and campaigns. Digital marketing agency MaxAudience realized that the work for Renovation Realty would need to be done in a multi-tier process to maximize effectiveness.

Project Overview

MaxAudience saw many opportunities to improve Renovation Realty’s digital marketing so that they can dominate their marketplace. The innovative concept that they created with their proven track record of successfully helping clients made it an exciting brand to work with.

The first tier was about redoing the website to improve the customer experience and SEO, creating consistent and compelling social media posts, and establishing brand recognition.

The second tier was about creating location content and improving specific city locations. The content is in the form of blogs, optimizing location pages, and social media.

Implementing Strategy

MaxAudience in the first tier was able to improve the total traffic to the website by 21% and the remarketing strategy was extremely successful with traffic increasing by 408%. However, MaxAudience knew that location-specific improvements could be made to further increase Renovation Realty’s revenue.

A common mistake that businesses with multiple locations make is including all the information on one master landing page. This is a big mistake when it comes to SEO. While yes, having locations on a contact page brands need to create separate optimized pages for each business location.

Since San Diego County, San Jose County, and San Francisco County include many cities and zip codes, 45 location pages were created for Renovation Realty so that each city has a dedicated page. Location pages are often thought of as microsites that start with a URL structure: The page has location-specific title tags and meta descriptions that are SEO optimized with the location-specific keywords. These pages are discoverable by Google and will improve a brand’s search engine ranking.

In addition to the location pages, the MaxAudience content team created a content calendar so that each month a city would be featured. Within the blog, it gives relevant real estate information for anyone looking to purchase or sell a home within that area.

Another way to leverage the location themed blogs is by creating social media content that links back to the blogs. Social media channels will deliver a steady stream of visitors to your blog.

The Results

Since MaxAudience has been focusing on location content and SEO, Renovation Realty has seen a 97% increase in search views within Google My Business Listing.

The blogs on specific locations have a low bounce rate and visitors spend time on the blog and site. Renovation Realty is at the top of the first page on Google search with specific city locations.

Mark McIntyre, MaxAudience CEO stated:

Sometimes Location based SEO is the low hanging fruit that can enable you quickly grow your business.

About MaxAudience

MaxAudience is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with online lead generation and conversion at its core.

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