MaxAudience Consumer Brand Management Case Study

A guide and case study from MaxAudience on creating an effective digital marketing strategy for substantial growth in eCommerce and brand awareness.

The Challenge

Snappy Tom launched as a brand over 50 years ago in Australia. The company is about paving the way for healthy, pure food for people’s cats. They decided as a company to make its launch in the USA and Canada to expand its client base and offer their products internationally. While the brand added facilities and locations to be able to handle the new geographical base, they found that they needed help with their marketing.

That is when they approached digital marketing agency MaxAudience to help them improve their traffic, brand recognition, and conversion rate.

Project Overview

While Snappy Tom has a very specific target market and a product that is a hit with humans and their furry family. However, they needed to have a digital marketing strategy that would find the most efficient and best platforms for marketing.

The overall strategy that was designed was to focus on the website, user experience, ads, and social media engagement. The immediate goal was to create brand awareness and for the pet food site to get traffic and sales.

Implementing Strategy

Having a website is the best marketing tool for any business, it engages people with visuals, photos, and videos. MaxAudience reviewed and implemented website design strategies to improve the user experience and focus on ensuring the content is clear. The new updated website launched with clear navigation to solve pain points.

Paid search marketing was a strategy that was put into place, as it is predictable and provides scalable results. Banner ads were an essential part as it is easy to set CPA’s low and the conversions are high. It is about strategically using the correct keywords and setting the parameters to get ads in front of the correct audience.

The social media marketing strategy was about setting a consistent calendar that had posts with relevant hashtags and keywords. However, it was also about utilizing influencer marketing to promote Snappy Tom products and create engagement. Influencer marketing is a great way to build trust, reach a bigger audience, grow your site traffic, get more leads, and ultimately drive sales. It is also perfect as it is similar to word-of-mouth marketing online.

The Results

In the past year, MaxAudience has been able to help Snappy Tom reach many goals and improve their business by leaps and bounds.

The total sales have increased by 15%. The eCommerce conversion rate has increased by 107%.

With the redesign of the website and social media strategy, the new user traffic to website increased by 41%. The social media, new user traffic has increased by 71%. While the referral new user traffic to website increased by 126%.

Mark McIntyre, MaxAudience CEO stated:

What a great company! Try the product once and your cat will be hooked forever.

About MaxAudience

MaxAudience is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with online lead generation and conversion at its core.

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