Martini Created Smart Cubes So You Won’t Need To Wait In Queue

Bored while waiting for your drink to refill at the bar? Martini created a sensory technology to solve this problem with a Smart Cube system.

Owned by Bacardi, Martini, steps into a new technology called Smart Cube. The creative direction of the project was under AMV BBDO.

The idea is simple, bar staff adds a Smart Cube into your drink and when you finish, Bluetooth technology senses that your glass is empty, notifies the bar with your location and they have someone come refill your drink, so you don’t need to wait to be served.

Here’s the preview video of the Smart Cube:

Martini, Creative Excellence Director, Laila Mignoni, said:

At Martini, we believe that time with friends is time well spent. Our Smart Cube technology means that you can do just that instead of queuing at the bar. There’s huge potential for innovation within the beverage industry and this is just the beginning.

AMV BBDO, Director of Creative Technology, James Rowley, added:

Creating an ice cube packed with technology presented some difficult challenges. Bluetooth signal strength is reduced significantly when immersed in liquid. But by tweaking the power and carefully positioning the antenna we managed to get the range to about 30 metres, even in a busy bar environment.

One of the biggest challenges of the invention, faced by the makers of the Smart Cube, were that Bluetooth signal strength is significantly reduced when immersed, but by carefully positioning the antenna, the end product is able to get a range of about 30 meters deep.

The Martini Smart Cube made its debut at this year’s Italian F1 Grand Prix.

What do you think about the invention? Drop your comments.

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