Marketing Website Without Coding Saves Time And Money

Creating a beautiful, original and responsive marketing website without getting advises from a developer used to be a dream for a long time. Let’s review the options in 2018.

The marketing department of any company has to prepare landing pages, websites, case studies and special projects. In 2018, creating an original and interesting content is essential so that we can engage effectively with our users.

The Problem

In most cases, to create an original website, you have to work with developers, times of which are expensive. Even app agencies do not spend their internal resources for website maintenances, small design changes, updates of little things on landing pages etc.

Marketing department on an early stage startup usually consists of one person and resources of the company are limited.

At professional services analytics startup, developers are always busy with building the product, and the marketing manager should continuously try different versions of a landing page, write features description, release case studies, and blog articles.

Choosing the Approach

For security reasons, we didn’t prefer to use WordPress. However, we also did’t want to config and develop our unique theme.

What we wanted to have was a code of the website on our cloud server and depending on 3rd party services as little as possible because of our clients enter to our product through “Log In” button on our main page.

In addition, it was also important to have the ability to quickly change any part of the web page, reorder blocks, and perform experiments fast without the need to wait for a designer or developer. Moreover, we wanted to make each page mobile and tablets ready without extra time involvement.

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The Perfect Tool

Considering all the ideas mentioned above, we found the ideal tool for our situation and we think it is an excellent tool for any agency or client.

Tilda gives the ability to create impressive beautiful, original web pages and websites without coding.


Here are the features we like:

Blocks Approach:

Tilda has more than 450 adaptive predesigned blocks that you can change as you want:


You don’t have to spend time and reinvent the wheel, place blocks that you need and tune them a bit to be original.


To be inspired you can check out what people do with Tilda. They have many templates of complete websites which you can use and change quickly to your desires.

Export Ability:

Any web page can be exported as html+css+js scripts from Tilda to any other platform or hosting. You can do that manually or use the API, or use a WordPress plugin.

We host marketing website on our Heroku instance with configured backups.

Excellent Documentation, Tutorials and Support:

If we talk about the speed, quick support through intercom chat is crucial. And Tilda has it. The articles they provide to help users are detailed and clear. The whole Tilda’s website is actually made on Tilda.


Forms Builder:

Despite the fact that Tilda can integrate any form builder website and it has own form builder with the ability to capture the data in Google spreadsheet; send it to Zapier or to your DB via Webhook.

This complete freedom of choice and flexibility of how exactly you would capture your leads is awesome.


Hosting Included:

Before the release of new website version, we test everything on staging website. It is easy to do because Tilda gives you hosting with a subdomain. With one click we publish all pages.

We prevented our staging website from indexing and hide that under login and pass for privacy.

If you want to host your website on Tilda’s CDN, it is not a problem at all. Connect your domain and have all the integrations with email, payments services, and CRM.


Some Tilda’s integrations


Tilda gives the ability to paste any embed code or customize CSS. This provides unlimited ways of web page design.

The tool offers to use a ZERO block – graphic editor for professional designers, which allows complete editing of all elements of the site.


About is the product for consulting companies with more than 15 people in the team. For teams who seriously think about their utilization, profitability, expenses, and culture.


With you don’t need to change your tools. Keep your current time tracker, bookkeeping, CRM, and resource scheduling tools, just connect them all together and get flexible pre-designed dashboards with granular segmentation and access control.


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eGuide: How To Use Smart Data To Deliver A Higher Marketing ROI

Unlock the true potential of your marketing with smart data to drive accelerated business growth! 
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