Marie Curie x UX Connections: Research and Meganav Redesign

Being a charitable organization that provides care for people with terminal illnesses and their families, Marie Curie hosts a content-rich website, full of information, support, and resources to support their web users.

The Challenge

Marie Curie came to UX Connections for assistance in redesigning and organizing their website, ensuring it catered to the needs of their different user groups, including people with terminal illnesses, carers, healthcare professionals, and volunteers. Their main challenge was ensuring the content was user-friendly, easy to navigate, and intuitive.

The Solution

UX consultants worked to improve the information architecture and navigation of the website. The project began with a thorough discovery phase where UX Connections conducted stakeholder interviews and executed a detailed competitor analysis and expert review of the existing site.

UX Connections also analyzed quantitative data through a light analytics data review to understand key journeys and flows through the site.

Following the discovery, UX Connections conducted a card sorting exercise using remote online tools with genuine customers to understand how the Marie Curie audience categorized and grouped content, in order to make informed design decisions on how the mega nav could be redesigned.

Clickable prototypes were built and usability testing was conducted thereafter, to validate design solutions and ensure a user-friendly experience.

Interactive Prototyping

Using familiar techniques such as those you see on news websites, UX Connections proposed a meganav for the Marie Curie website redesign, as there was a vast amount of content to display to the user and allow them to choose from, and this was a visual, appealing and user-friendly method to help users cast their eyes over the menu and make an informed selection.

UX Connections built a functional prototype with clickable information and conducted usability testing to validate the designs with participants.

Usability Testing

UX Connections conducted remote usability testing through Teams to evaluate the usability of the new navigation for Marie Curie, focussing on the full user flow from landing on the website to navigating and finding specific content.

UX Connections were able to gain insights and learn how the audience was using the website and navigating it with the new mega-nav solution and users were able to successfully navigate and find the content quickly and seamlessly.

Genalda Silver, UX Consultant, said:

This was an enjoyable project to work on as it’s rare to have the opportunity to conduct research that is this detailed. The team at Marie Curie was also pleased with the results and plans to move forward with our solution.

The Result

Marie Curie implemented their design and it went live to users in 2022. The user experience of the website was heavily improved, making it easier for the users to navigate.

Overall UX Connections conducted 10 user testing sessions to validate designs and inform design recommendations. The usability testing results were very positive, as participants found the site intuitive and useful. Data also backed this up, as the completion rate was 93.3% across all tasks.

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