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Manus Gloves Will Let You Touch VR

Manus VR is creating Manus Glove, claiming it to be the first consumer virtual reality glove.

The Manus gloves track hand movement with the usage of high-tech sensors. The Manus provides hand tracking like other VR controllers, but in a more complex way. Button free, wireless, the gloves track individual fingers and joints, letting you use your natural hand movements in Virtual Reality.

As Manus VR explains on their website;

We are creating a bridge between our physical and virtual world that doesn’t exist yet. Our focus is on design, usability and most important, giving customers the best and most realistic experience.

The Manus glove is the first consumer glove specifically designed for virtual reality. It tracks hand movement using a combination of high-tech sensors all contained inside the glove. With this technology, the Manus glove provides accurate and reliable hand- and finger tracking.

Here is a demonstration of the Manus Gloves:

Manus VR also released a video of the new game developed by Manus and the team of several industry veterans.

It follows the story of Willow, a little orphan who woke up in a surreal dream world. Your job is to safely guide her back to her own world. To do so, you have to manipulate the world around Willow and complete the given tasks; for example playing an enchanted piano.

Manus VR have announced that the “Manus development Kit 1” is now available to pre-order.

For $250, the kit will contain a pair of VR gloves, two wrist-mounted holders for the HTC Vive controller, various cables, plug-ins for the Unity and Unreal engines, an open-source SDK for five operating systems, and a demo game for each supported platform.

The kit will ship out to customers in Q3 2016. You may pre-order Manus VR Gloves here.

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