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Primal Malaysia mentions how you can develop a digital marketing strategy and how you can start to improve your strategy at the uptrend of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is no short of a buzzword, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic dawned upon us in the year 2020.

As quickly as companies adapt and shift employees into a work from the home module, businesses are also looking for ways to move online. As the digital economy continues to make progress, digital marketing will become more ingrained in consumers’ lifestyles.

But where do you start if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy? You can start with:

  • Your goals & objectives
  • Your budget & resources
  • Your current performance

So then, the next question is, which channel is best?.


SEO: To Improve your Organic Traffic

One thing about SEO is that you can’t pay to appear in the first-page search results. Search engines have algorithms that calculate the quality and relevance of your page and then rank you accordingly.

As you rank higher in Google with the desired keywords, over time, organic search can deliver more steady traffic to your website. In the long run, SEO will prove to be a more cost-effective channel than PPC.

However, as SEO is a longer-term strategy, you might not get your desired results immediately or within a short time. So if your objective is for quick leads or sales, then SEO might not be the right strategy for you.

Pay-per-Click: Advertising Where You Pay For Clicks to Your Website

If your objective is to have a burst during a specific period, you can consider PPC for your campaign. When a PPC campaign goes live, you will instantly start to see traffic, clicks, and conversions.

If you’re running Google Search Ads, you would see it on top of SERP pages. This means that PPC ads would be the first thing searchers will see before the organic results, which gives your brand more visibility.

PPC includes Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, Google Search, YouTube, LinkedIn ads. Ads served on these platforms allow you to reach a more targeted audience from location, device, behavior, and demographic. You can customize a PPC campaign to reach targeted audiences and encourage them to purchase or make an inquiry.

The downside of PPC is that you are competing with other brands. As new competitors advertise, competition increases that may lead to an increase in cost per click. Resulting in the need to pay more money over time to drive a conversion.

When PPC campaigns are turned off, traffic to your website may react with a drop in traffic.

So then what’s the right channel? It really depends. At Primal Malaysia, they are big on SEO but it is not a be-all or end-all. When combined, performance media (PPC) and SEO can be quite a good combination to drive growth for your business.

About Primal Malaysia

Primal Malaysia is a Malaysian digital marketing agency with the expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to create data-driven digital strategies that deliver business results and ROI.