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Make the Right Errors – Creative 404 Pages!

A list of creative 404 error pages that promise to delight and inspire the users! 

It’s always disappointing for users to accidently land on a 404 page. However, some brands master the art of errors by creating imaginative and inspiring 404 error pages that sweeten the frustration of meeting a dead-end and manage to delight the users.

See 404 error pages as an opportunity to guide your lost users back to the home page & re-engage them.

The question is: Why disappoint, when you can delight instead?

These are some brands who get their 404 errors right!


404 by lego


404 by Mashable


404 by Agens


404 by Centresource


404 by DarrioBrozzi


404 by Diesel


404 by Faucethead

Focus Lab

404 by Focus Lab

Good Dog Design

404 by Good Dog Design


404 by RSQ


404 by Stickermule


404 Error by Tripomatic


404 by Limpfish

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