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‘The Magic Wallpaper’ Of Castorama Comes To Life And Turns Into A Storyteller

In collaboration with TBWA\Paris, Castorama has designed the first interactive wallpaper which tells bedtime stories.

French home improvement and DIY retailer Castorama has created an amazing project for children. In collaboration with TBWA\Paris, the project is called ‘Magic Wallpaper’, an interactive wallpaper with characters on it, which works with a mobile app.

Characters on a child’s wall can be scanned one at a time to create a unique story. Magic Wallpaper features 10 characters which are designed by the agency. Each character can be selected by either a tablet or a smartphone.

Then, their stories are downloaded to your device. You can make different character combinations and create a unique story. Each magical story is about five minutes long with fun and realistic sound effects upon clicking on each word. For the production of the wallpaper, Castaroma has worked with Graham&Brown in the manufacturing and retail process.


You can download Magic Wallpaper app either from the Apple or Google Play stores. The app can work in airplane and night mode as well.

The project encourages children to reach the limits of their imagination in a fancy room decoration. What a fantastic job!

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