Lost Bauhaus Typefaces Have Been Re-Created As Part Of Adobe’s “Hidden Treasures” Project

Adobe has worked closely with well-known typographer Erik Spiekermann to reveal new, digital typefaces, using the lost letter fragments from the archive of Bauhaus school of design.

Spiekermann and his team worked hard on Bauhaus students’ hand-drawn sketches, posters, and works without getting off the Bauhaus’s fundamental principles and simple, balanced font style.

According to Adobe, typography from Bauhaus Dessau is instantly recognizable with simple geometric forms, unadorned with serifs, balanced layouts that convey a clear and direct message. Moreover, the company has shared that some of the world’s most celebrated ad layouts, political posters, album covers, and logo designs are powered by lettering designs created at Bauhaus Dessau.


As a result, they have re-created five new typefaces within the scope of Adobe’s “Hidden Treasures” project.

The new typefaces will be free to download on Adobe Typekit and designers who are keen to explore new fonts can already find two of them available on the website. These fonts, which are Xants and Joschmi, have been named after Bauhaus designers Xanti Schawinsky and Joost Schmidt, respectively.





Along with the new typefaces, Adobe has also announced that there will be five design challenges that the company will be sharing with designers in the upcoming months. These challenges will allow them to create their own work using the new Bauhaus Dessau fonts.

Speaking of the design challenges, we are happy to share that the first challenge has already been revealed: Creating a digital logo in the Bauhaus style.

Participants are expected to share their works as images or Behance project links on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #AdobeHiddenTreasures and #contest.

Here you can learn more about the details: Adobe Design challenge #1: Logo