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Logo Design Trends And Inspiration For Startups In 2017

As one of the most vibrant businesses in the design industry, logo design trends change regularly and are followed by startups and initiatives all around the world.

While creating your startup, the most exciting thing is to build a cool and nifty brand identity. Therefore, logo design has a significant role. It needs to present the brand truly and must look simple and up-to-date.

With a little bit of research about the field, here are the most popular logo design trends that will take over 2017.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism gives the brand a chance to say more with less. If your brand is simple and innovative, use the minimalism trend and explain yourself without saying anything.

There’s a sub-type of minimalism that is called ‘literal minimalism’, which means the minimalist design is both simple and also purpose-driven. So that your customers will understand the mission of your brand and what you do very easily. The meaning of the brand is hidden in the logo itself.


2. Hand-Drawn

Hand-drawn logo design keeps its place safe again, especially among graphic designers. It demonstrates authenticity and reliability and with a well-done hand drawn logo design, the brand will never look poor quality.

Hand-drawn logo design is suitable and used frequently in food and drink industry. Plus, the drawing method helps to keep the logo unique and incomparable.


3. Pattern & Repetition

Familiarity and brand awareness are everything. We all know that. Creating capsule patterns and repeating them on every item like packaging or business cards give a corporate feeling. Especially, if you have a particular color palette, (or even a one specific hue), it helps you to get recognized much more easily. So, repeating patterns is a method to introduce your brand to customers without placing ads.


4. Line Art

Line art logo design starts to rise since 2015 and dominated its position through the industry. The reason is its simplicity and uniqueness. It is also minimal. You can have endless options while creating modern sketches and some of them are even single-lined. Don’t hold back and take all the creative opportunities to make an amazing line art logo for your brand.


5. Vintage

As a symbol of honesty and credibility, nostalgic logos will always find a place somewhere, especially in the fashion business because of the generous serifs on their typography. People who like to build strong emotions and like to show authenticity uses vintage brand identity, yet this type of trend needs to be used very carefully.

If you tend to portray an innovative side of your company, you should avoid using vintage logo design.


6. Geometry

A trend probably since logo design came in sight is geometry, the most frequently used logo trend. Designers choose the logotypes due to some specific principles, for instance using initials is the most-known of them. To construct a geometric logotype, you don’t need to be in a specific industry because this is the style that has the most validity in every business type.


7. Negative Space

Let’s face it: negative space dominates the logo population for several years and 2017 will be the year of this breaking-out trend. When you create a logo by using the background, you get the viewer’s attention subconsciously and that’s why negative space is trending. Commonly known ones are FedEx, NBC and WWF, negative space type is used in NGO’s, social media and companies that aim to give message because of their memorable and clever style.


8. Moving Parts

One of the most exciting trends is this animated and fun way of logo design. These web-based animated GIFs will spread quickly throughout social media and the brand will become popular more than estimated. Don’t be afraid to use the moving parts trend in 2017, use them in your website and make your mark.



These are the most in-demand logo design trends recently. While creating a logo design for your startup in 2017, don’t forget to keep it simple and always remember; “Less is more”.

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