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How Live Streaming Videos Can Lift Up Your Brand’s Social Media & Content Marketing

Marketing today is all about keeping it REAL-time. Here’s how you can fast-forward your brand’s content marketing strategy to success using live streaming videos.

There’s no undermining the sheer power of video marketing; it’s fun, fast and most importantly effective. An extension of video marketing that’s the latest tool in a marketer’s toolbox to emerge is “Live streaming”.

Live streaming is taking us into a new era of digital marketing, one that’s frolicking and fresh. It’s popularity relies in its real-time factor, as it allows your audience to experience your brand right now.

It’s All In The Numbers – Live Streaming Apps, Social Media & Statistics

• Live streaming apps have accumulated over 12 million active users, with Periscope dominating the market with 10 million of these users.

• The live streaming feature has taken its place in every market – from conventions to skydiving, and Q&As to weddings.

• Live video advertisement views have grown by 214% year-over-year.

• YouTube’s Live channel has nearly 2 million subscribers.

• Facebook’s “Instant Video” app hosts more than one million monthly users. Facebook also offers a map for users to discover live streamers all across the world.


To Stream Or Not To Stream – Benefits Of Live Streaming Videos

What live streaming videos does best is that it allows brands to drop the corporate veil, connect human-to-human, and allow users to participate in brand storytelling, in a way that enrichs a customer’s experience.

Here are some of the most solid live streaming benefits:

Live Streaming Is Limit-less

With live-streaming videos, brands can open events to their customers and consumers in a way that was impossible before. Your consumer can now follow you everywhere, be it at product launches, demonstrations, agency events, photoshoots, executive interviews and more. You can lead the show as you please.

With apps such as Periscope, your audience aren’t limited to desktops for some real-time, they can watch your live streams using smart TV, tablets and smart phones.

Live Streaming Gives Your Brand A Face

People are creatures of familiarity and comfort, in the world of today that runs on machines, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a human touch behind big corporations. People enjoy receiving services or buying from real people.

Live streaming gives you a chance to put a face to your brand, to make it more believable and human.


Live Streaming Opens Way For A Two Way Conversation 

When you brand is live streaming, your audience can interact with you in real-time. Through the app, or Twitter, or any other chat enabled streams, your audience has the opportunity to get in touch via comments or even live Q&A sessions.

Live Streaming Can Be Measured

Streaming service analytics can allow you to measure your viewership, the number of video shares, the amount of social media mentions and the sum of comments your live streaming achieved. This makes it easier to understand its trends, attractiveness and efficiency.

Live Streaming Allows An Influx Of Content

With live streaming videos, you can get more from your content. Content can be recorded, re-purposed and re-shared to ensure you company gets the most out of every live stream.


Lights. Camera. Action – How to Live Stream Your Way To Success

So you’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon of live streaming. Smart move!

Here are some of the most profitable live streaming ideas for your business, with examples of brands that aced them:

Q&A Stream

An innovative way to add a face to your brand, in order to make it resonate with your users better.

The Birmingham Mail uses mediums like Facebook to host live Q&A sessions to answer burning questions from their audience.

Live Events

If you can’t attend a live event, the next-best thing is live coverage. Allow your users to dive into the world of some of the most interesting events. Stream parts of events and use as teasers, so the audience knows what not to miss the next time.

Adidas used this feature with a twist: they live streamed the monumental moment when Real Madrid star, James Rodriguez, signed a contract with the brand.



Put up the curtain! Offer your audience a VIP pass to the inner workings of your company, and get a boost in engagement.

Fashion powerhouse, Marc Jacobs gave a preview to their fans of their 2016 line.

Special Announcements

Instead of mass mailing your company news press releases, use live streams for announcements. This will be fun and easy for them, and it will also make you gain their trust faster.

Automobile manufacturer, Nissan streamed the launch of their 2016 Maxima at the New York auto show.

Live contests and giveaways

Who doesn’t love giveaways? But nothing can beat the thrill of live giveaways where fans can hear their names and so can thousands of other people. Arrange live contests for engagement, and uble the demand for your service or product.

Doritos used social channels and a live streaming contest to promote their new product – asking players to tag three friends each, the campaign resulted in a huge exposure for their launch.

When integrating live streaming videos in your future marketing plans, remember the following:

• Stay consistent to the tone of your brand
• Prepare a rough script for the stream
• Keep your content fresh
• Try to offer incentives and connect with your audience
• Post a teaser prior to your live stream outlining the date and time of the show

Ready for your life stream debut? We wish you happy returns!

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