LESS+MORE Created a Brand Identity for Trattoria Cori Pastificio

A restaurant brand identity project for one of San Diego’s great Italian Chefs, collaborating with one of San Diego’s great designers (who happens to be Italian)? Sì Grazie!

If you have ever tried Chef Lota’s food or had the opportunity to meet him you know why LESS+MORE is such big fan. Delicious and humble can sometimes seem to be opposing forces. Not in Accrucio’s case. He has a true passion for his craft and giving you a true taste of his hometown. Like any Italian worth his salt, Accrucio knows just about everyone, Ron Miriello included.

When he approached them to work on the identity, he mentioned having a “friend” who had a bunch of Italian “stuff” LESS+MORE could pour over, and that friend was also a designer.

“Is his name Ron?” LESS+MORE asked.

Being a longtime fan of Ron’s work, LESS+MORE mentioned a few of Miriello Graphico pieces they have kept over the years, and how exciting it was for me to be able to work on a project with him.

Fast forward a week, and LESS+MORE was all sitting around The Officina in Barrio Logan, digging through what felt like a museum-quality treasure trove of Italian design and ephemera from Ron’s collection.


Full disclosure – As the Americano in the room, LESS+MORE was a bit apprehensive about working on an Italian brand, for two real Italians. Dios Mio.

That apprehension quickly faded as Ron provided the creative direction and Accrucio provided the insight that kept their work honest and reflective of Chef’s vision and Italian culture. Ideas were shared, refined, and reworked until the final identity started to take shape.

The outcome is a logotype that tips a hat to classic Italian typography and idiosyncrasy. One that reflects the honest, humble perspective of Chef himself.


LESS+MORE also created secondary logos for use in merchandise and social applications – these nearly designed themselves after a couple of trips to the Officina to check out Ron’s treasures.


LESS+MORE is an independent, award-winning branding and design agency based in San Diego. LESS+MORE works with start-up brands and global corporations, and has built a reputation as a reliable resource for on-target concepts and meticulously crafted materials.

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