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LEGO Has Partnered With Facebook For Its “Kronkiwongi” Campaign

Lego is targeting parents on Facebook through a partnership with the social network for its latest campaign called “Kronkiwongi”.

LEGO has partnered with Facebook for its latest campaign, which asks children around the world to create an imaginary character called a “kronkiwongi”. The campaign has been running in the last few weeks in a line of efforts to involve co-creation in its marketing strategy.

Kronkiwongi is just a made up name that could mean anything. It called anything a child can imagine and creat with lego bricks. The idea is to allow children to use their imagination to define the meaning themselves, and build their own Kronkiwongi.

The four-week campaign has been created by Facebook’s Creative Shop and consists of a series of videos that target parents. As part of the campaign LEGO is encouraging parents to upload their children’s interpretations either photos or video-footage with the hashtag #Kronkiwongi.

With a series of videos launched on Facebook, the four-week campaign was designed to engage parents and relay the importance of user-generated content. There are two sets of three films, featuring several cute kids thoughtfully explaining what Kronkiwongi means to them as they build away. Each video was directed by M.O.D. of RSA.

Lars Silberbauer, the director of global social media and search at LEGO, said;

Our hope with this project is to inspire and engage parents all over the world, through an unscripted experience that sees children from different countries and cultures doing what they do best – using their creativity.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to building a kronkiwongi. You can build a rocket and fly to the moon without even getting out from underneath the dining table, and parents everywhere witness these imaginative adventures every day.

Rob Newlan, the head of Creative Shop, said;

The creative potential surrounding this project was unlimited, but our focus was to develop something that felt true to the LEGO purpose and would resonate with parents on Facebook.

And we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created together; a series of videos that celebrate children’s unbridled imagination and creativity.

Parents and kids can share their own Kronkiwongi creations on the LEGO Facebook page, with images and videos being used to create a final showreel to celebrate the campaign’s creativity.

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