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Learn From These Top 10 Mobile Marketing Campaigns Of 2016

In today’s crowded world of mobile app development, it can be a real struggle to figure out how to create and run an effective marketing campaign — one that will reach and convert the right people.

You must know by now that you can’t reach a lot of people and catch their attention if you don’t have a distinctive message. And if you don’t have your audience’s attention, they’ll just look elsewhere.

Campaigns that make people share and buy can be summed up in two words: great storytelling.

Why? Because storytelling is the most powerful technique we have as humans to communicate.

We all love a great story, and we seek it out in everything we see. Thus, storytelling has become more important than ever, and the following mobile marketing campaigns prove it.

1. Apple – introducing Iphone 7

Perhaps not everyone prefers to use Apple products, but no one can deny their marketing prowess. The company has always known how to market their products using simplicity, and a clear message.

Over the years, Apple has produced some of the most inspiring campaigns, and none of them tried to convince us that they have the best prices.

They applied the concept of simplicity and caught our attention. An irresistible power of storytelling can steal your heart in seconds. Just watch the Balloons campaign, or Midnight.

Did they tell you “Here’s our new, interesting feature in iOS10 Messages that automatically plays an appropriate fullscreen effect upon receiving certain texts, such as “Happy Birthday”?

No. By simply showcasing a female iPhone user that receives a “Happy Birthday” message, watching how joyfully ends the journey of the red balloon while the background music delights our ears, we engage with the message: “Practically magic.”

2. Android

It’s called “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and I’m sure you know it. A rock, a paper, and a scissor ally together against bullying, perfectly highlighting the campaign message “Be together. Not the same”.

This simple animation emphasizes how different people can still get along, placing Android in a good light, since their core competency is running on numerous smartphones, each with its unique design and features.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors” it’s the kind of campaign that walks away with viewer’s heart.

3. Airbnb

If you love to travel, you probably have the Airbnb app installed on your phone. Their latest campaign is all about showing you the ideal form of travelling to just about any place, and doing the things you usually do, but in a deeper, more engaging extent.

AirBnb is challenging you to upgrade your routine to a higher extent by enjoying a cup of coffee with fellow travelers, discovering the culinary secrets from the locals, or getting to know people from around the world.

To put it simply: you don’t have to completely change up your routine, you just have to add a dash of fun to it wherever you go — live there!

4. Spotify

If you’re the type of person that normally skips commercials, Spotify has some of the most brilliant ads you’ll want to watch over and over again.

Why? Because it connects the art of visual storytelling to music. Moving and Never Ending are two perfect examples.

5. Yelp

Life itself is a series of challenges, and we all want to minimize the number of bad decisions we may take. Faced with too many choices, we get overwhelmed; not having enough to choose from, we start to worry.

Imagine how long would it take to try out every restaurant in your city, pick a good dentist, choose a great hotel in a new city, or hire a florist for your upcoming wedding.

The solution? Yelp. It’s the life hack people are raving about, and for good reason. Credible customer reviews and objective business ratings are just two of the most attractive benefits that make it extremely easy for customers to search and find businesses that match their needs.

6. Font Awesome 5

Not a mobile marketing campaign, but a worth mentioning campaign about this toolkit that allows you to add vector icons and social logos to your app or website in an easy way.
This Kickstarter campaign ad lures you into the “Font Awesome Bakery”, where delicious choices await you.


The aroma of freshly-baked redesigned features, the abundance of delicious icon packs, and mouth-watering ligatures and frameworks will definitely get hungry customers to buy.

7. Free up space – Google Photos

Running out of storage when you least expect it can be fun, right? Of course not. But watching how others are struggling in this situation might be hilarious.

Just check the Free up space ad — humour, frustration, and other emotions are perfectly combined to support the story. It will bring a smile on your face.

8. CR7Selfie

Storytelling is powerful by itself, but it can be even more powerful when you’re trying to support a cause. Stories are about people. And people never forget stories, especially when they harness the power of ‘personal’.

Each purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo’s app CR7Selfie’ supports the cause he’s been involved in for many years “Save the Children”. By using the app, you’ll be able to take your selfies to another, more meaningful level.

9. Letgo

Would you like to buy or sell your second hand stuff super fast in a Hollywood-style?
Letgo Commercializer allows you to create your commercial and delight your customers in the buying process.

But first, delight yourself with these campaign examples: Jump, Quicksand, and 80’s Action.

10. The Venmo Micro Hack

What a nonprofit organization, a digital agency, and a non-ad mobile payment app have in common?

A purpose. Venmo is the mobile app that lets you make and share payments with your friends, without being disturbed by ads.

Water is Life focuses on providing clean water resources, and Deutsch New York’s priority is to provide creative digital marketing solutions.

Here comes the interesting part: Water is Life used Venmo to raise money through personalized ads disguised as payments. This video will show you how the ingenious campaign worked.

What can we learn from these marketing campaigns? Two main principles:

1. Stories can help you connect with your audience through emotions, thus making your campaign memorable.
2. Stories are about people, and people might forget the details, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

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