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Leading Digital Trends In 2015

From technology trends to changing business models to evolving consumer behaviors, there’s a real thirst for knowledge amongst marketers about the leading digital trends in 2015.

Research by Bell Pottinger reveals the 15 top digital trends that are set to change the way brands communicate in 2015. Designed by Carlos Monteiro for Bell Pottinger Digital, the infographic is based on results returned by a powerful online listening tool, which gathered data from all over the Internet to identify leading trends and predict their potential growth. The data has been ranked by the largest percent increase in mentions on the Web to reflect which technologies will become the most popular in the near future.

James Thomlinson, partner and managing director of Bell Pottinger Digital, said;

While technology will be one of the biggest drivers of marketing change in the new year, the key focus for brands will be on delivering truly integrated strategies. Every year new hardware and software appears, but the most successful brands in 2015 will be those that harness new technology to deliver a single experience to consumers wherever they are in their journey.

According to infographic, the top five digital trends in 2015 will be:

  • Near-field communications

By 2017, half of today’s smartphone users will use mobile wallets for their preferred payment method.

  • Internet of things

25 billion connected ‘things’ will be in use by 2020.

  • Wearables

More than 79 million wearables will be sold next year.

  • Internal communications

In 2015, half of corporate network devices will be mobile.

  • Storytelling

Visual blog posts drive 180 percent more engagement.

leading digital trends

These leading digital trends will shape the marketing and communications landscape in 2015, according to Bell Pottinger which is one of the world’s leading full-service communications companies.

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