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The Landing Page Experts Guide

Landing pages are web pages users are redirected when clicking on advertising banners, links, and videos or advertise on social media.

These landing pages are designed to interact with clients, obtain their information, generate sales and effectively communicate a message.

Do you know how to design and create a landing page? Besides design, there are more aspects of landing pages to pay attention if we want they help us to achieve our goals.

There is not a recipe, since each business has its particular needs; however, there are some recommendations and a check list to help you to succeed:

• Clear objectives, from obtaining clients e-mails to generating sales, including linking to specific websites, etc.
• Specific needs solution or product presentation.
• Attractive titles.
• Questions generation, which have to be answered in the same landing page or by sending an e-mail.
• Explanatory graphics supporting the landing page content.
• Call to action, a button which clearly specifies what we want clients to do, in a striking color to stand out. It can be a few buttons, but not many of them, since they can confuse clients.
• Inbound marketing strategy which associates value content, client e-mail reception, client segmentation strategy, content generation depending on clients, and personalized and automatic mass mailing.


You can transform a visit into a potential client, using the correct tools.

With this in mind, it is necessary to hardly work in value content generation, which can be consulted in different platforms and presentations, such as: blog entries, downloading articles, videos, webinars, podcasts, and eBooks. Once you have a clear content generation strategy, it is time to define ideal platforms to publish them.

Define Your Business Objectives and Desired vs. Real Needs

When you start to try different options on your landing page, it is important to try one change at a time. Trying various changes at the same time will not allow you to identify what is working and what it is not. Yes, it is going to take you a while, but it is worth doing, since if you improve conversion rates, you also lower acquisition costs.

Once you have your landing page, you have to redirect people into it. The following techniques are essential to redirect people into your landing page:

• Blog

Blogs uses to be web page searching engines. The place of encounter to all your readers and potential clients. A place to attract users. Therefore, one of the best ways to attract users to your landing page is to redirect them from the blog itself, creating links to the landing page in the blog articles. It is better to make a written explicit reference of the product to promote its purchase.

• Google Adwords

Consists on key words as search terms to show advertisement as the result of sponsors. There are some variations such as Gmail advertisement. When clicking on them, theses interactive advertisements expand to an e-mail message size and admit video and pictures. Hence, they result useful to achieve a variety of advertising goals. Once the user expands the advertisement, the clicks on the article will be free of charges.

• Social Media

After creating content, promote it using social media. First, make a research of your potential clients or those users you wish to see your business posts. Depending on your area, these users can be found in social media for professionals such as LinKedIn. Or maybe, if you look for a bigger audience you must use Facebook or Instagram, especially if you wish to attract users based on the visual content you designed.




Search Engine Optimization. Efforts are often loose in positioning pages with no chance of conversion, instead of focusing those efforts on landing pages. These pages can be used to access in a specific moment (e.g., to offer a product on sale) but, if we want these page keeps on real time, we must bet on organic positioning: a good domain name, internal positioning and pop-up links can be useful.

• E-mail

Direct channel to users which enable to adapt the content to each consumer and obtain more earnings. Automations can be generated and send as an excellent and massive way to send information to users cellphones at any time.

A marketing agency must supervise all these steps, since specialized advice is essential.

It is impossible one employer can successfully performance theses steps, so you must work with a digital marketing agency and plan a digital marketing strategy, specifically an inbound marketing strategy, as well as visualizing and understanding this strategy as a marketing project, along with a strategic campaign, statistic reports ad needs solutions to materialize your campaign, achieve desired objectives and starting to generate sales.

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