Khanna\Reidinga Wishes You A K\Ristmas Merry

For all those who wondered what life is like when you are a Christmas tree, here’s Khanna/Reidinga making your wish come true.

Can you imagine a world where trees are humans? And humans are trees? What have they been smoking in Amsterdam you might well ask?

Presenting “Kristmas Humans” an agency Christmas film by Khanna\Reidinga in collaboration with André Maat. The short film features many members of team K\R, giving new meaning to the term ‘Human Resources’.

What starts of as a group of Kristmas Humans standing out, shivering in the cold and waiting to be taken to their resting place for Christmas, tails the story of one particular Kristmas Human.

As the film moves forward, the Kristmas Human gets chosen by a tree family, loaded up on the top of a car driven by (as you can guess) a tree and taken home to an enchanting house embellished with light, decorations and weirdly full of pine trees.

While the Kristmas Human stands dutifully adding charm to the eerie setting, he suddenly sees human limbs being used as fuel for the fire. Needless to say he doesn’t like it. All the while he’s surrounded by a party of frolicking pine trees making the most of the merry occasion.

Don’t believe us? See it for yourself:

The 60-second film concludes with a “Have a K/Ristmas Merry” message for the viewers, and rightly so.

What are your thoughts on this fantastic Christmas film?

About Khanna\Reidinga

Khanna\Reidinga is a creative agency for adventurous brands.

K\R believes that by applying their creative values to brand challenges, they can create better relationships with today’s highly critical and easily distracted audiences. This means using elements of advertising, digital, design and PR to cut through and connect. K\R does this for Hi-Tec, NN Group, Vodafone, Beats By Dr Dre, car2go, Daimler Fleet Management and TomTom.

K\R primarily works for brands that have an international perspective.

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