KOTA Enhances The Website Of Meta For Better Data

Meta approached KOTA to build a new website that showcased their unique products and to create an online experience that portrayed the style, ease and clarity of their software.

Meta are a film and broadcast cloud platform that have revolutionised how video meta data is stored and delivered. Drawing from years of experience in media technology, they identified a significant space in the market for a purpose-built Cloud Computing Platform for the delivery of metadata at scale. The platform not only uniquely unifies multiple sources of data that historically had been stored in varying formats, it is also focused on great user experience and usability.



Being a business to business website, KOTA concentrated on keeping the content in concise blocks and the navigation as simple as possible, with the end goal of enquiring about the products using a Request a Call Back action. The website holds a lot of information due to the complicated nature of the business offer, but KOTA focused their UX design on clear sections with toggles for users to be able to read the main top lines quickly.

Visually, KOTA showcased the two variations of their products in situ, using high end contemporary hardware and an atmospheric dark background palette. Using coloured gradients, KOTA added effects to convey the video element of the platform. To create the hero image header on the homepage, KOTA animated the laptop device suspended in mid air to create a sense of other worldliness and wonder.



Robin Tucker, Founder and CEO at Meta also stated:

The site looks AMAZING, thanks to KOTA team for all their hard work!

About KOTA

KOTA is a London based digital design agency. From their Clerkenwell studio, they specialise in Creative Web Design, Web development, Branding & Digital Marketing.