Kokku Renewed Fintech Farm’s Online Presence

Kokku renewed Fintech Farm’s online presence, emphasizing the company’s Fintech expertise and increasing conversion points.

What Did Fintech Farm Want?

Fintech Farm provides growth and innovation services to companies in the financial sector, operating as a Fintech accelerator in the Nordic countries.

Fintech Farm’s websites needed a fresh visual identity, more clarity to the site structure, and development of the conversion elements of the event pages. WordPress website development brought the site to this day with a modern and minimalist touch.

Vision and Need

The vision of the web development was a hub that makes real partnerships in the Nordic Fintech industry, bringing together insights, valuable industry data, and a diverse platform for growth-oriented collaboration in the innovation business.

The main goal for the website renewal was a site that would act as a digital salesperson and marketer for the company’s events. The basis of the site was to bring out Fintech Farm’s rapid innovation capability and expertise also strong in their online presence.



Kokku renewed Fintech Farm’s online presence, emphasizing the company’s expertise and adding conversion points to the site. The website was designed to support the digital customer experience with events, as well as highlight industry publications.

A business blog was created for the website to share industry trends according to the inbound methodology. The visual identity and graphic guidelines were created to support the communication of Fintech Farm’s service concept.

WordPress Web Development

Kokku implemented WordPress websites that facilitate new partnerships between Fintech companies, highlighting the importance of events on the site. The visual identity of the site communicates the Fintech expertise of the company in the field. Kokku designed the site structure and site usability to be more logical.

Brand Clarification

Kokku designed graphic guidelines for Fintech Farm, including a logo, brand typography, and visual identity. They developed visual elements tailored to the brand. They created HubSpot newsletter templates to support the strategic implementation of inbound marketing.

About Kokku

Kokku is a Helsinki-based creative digital agency. Kokku’s heartbeats to the rhythm of strategically driven graphic design, web development, and marketing.