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Knit Launches Cardboard Objects For Google Cardboard

Knit, a creative technology agency specialising in developing brand experiences using emerging technology, has launched “Cardboard Objects” as an extension to the affordable virtual reality (VR) headset, Google Cardboard.

Knit designed “Cardboard Objects” as a prototype that explores using collectable real world objects to trigger relevant app based content. With these objects installed on a Cardboard VR headset, users can experience a whole new content that is “app-based” and “relevant”, relying on the Near Field Communications (NFC) technology.

Cardboard Objects support smartphones with NFC capabilities. When a supported smartphone is inserted on a Cardboard, it lets the user to view a content in virtual reality based on the real NFC object placed on the headset. Currently, the apps for cardboard offer a limited experience that lasts 1-5 minutes. By adding a collectible element, the Cardboard Objects has the potential to extend this use cycle by making multiple objects available for a single app.

Knit explored four objects, all of which are based on concepts that would be feasible to produce;

  • Postcard objects that transport the wearer to the location depicted on the postcard. If this were to be paired with a 360 content generation app such as Google’s Photosphere, sending a postcard could become sending a VR experience
  • Trading Cards are collectible objects that are often part of a game. The trading card object suggests that this associated game could be a digital, VR experience.
  • Character objects are a concept most popularly adopted by the Skylanders franchise. The character object could be used to allow new digital characters – within the VR environment – to be unlocked by physically acquiring more character objects.
  • The key object can be used to unlock areas or objects within a VR experience. For example each key could trigger a different vehicle model to appear in the app.

Nick Thompson Founding Partner at Knit explains:

After the initial hype surrounding VR, the launch of Oculus Rift and now Google Cardboard has been a game changer. VR has become refined, usable and affordable to the masses. VR now offers brands the opportunity to truly immerse the consumer in the product and brand experiences.

The Knit team offers Google Cardboard app development and Unity programming to create multi-channel VR solutions. Recently the agency has also invested in 360 degree filming and editing software to create video based immersive content for Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift.

In 2014, Knit launched its VR Experience division to focus on developing content for innovations such as Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, with the agency also investing in 360 degree filming and editing software. Knit was acquired by experience design specialists Foolproof earlier this year.

You may visit Knit’s blog for further information.

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