KIJO Created ClickGP – an Online GP Service Offering Remote Appointments

Dr Adeel Riaz approached KIJO with a vision for an online GP service, using video calls to facilitate appointments and consultations.

ClickGP – An Online GP service offering remote appointments via video call

The service would save time for both patients and doctors, as well as increasing public access to primary care. Taking this project from concept to launch, KIJO worked to build a brand, a web app and a marketing suite. ClickGP is a private GP service offering online appointments via video call to patients all across the UK.

Communicating Care through Branding

After trialling 15 potential versions of a ClickGP logo in discussion with the client, KIJO decided to use the “C” letterform and to add circular heads to the curves to suggest a family group. This logo combines the ClickGP brand name with a visually symbolic representation of its caring values.

The colour palette KIJO chose mixes light and dark blues and muted greens, using a gentle gradient across each colour. KIJO wanted to avoid bright colours and sharp edges, instead created a blue and green logo that suggests a calming, simple and trustworthy service.

Condensing a traditional general practice/primary care service into a web app

KIJO chose to create a web app for this client to make access as simple as possible for patients. With a web app, there is no need to download new software.

The app is structured around three user types; these are the Admin, Doctor & Patient users. For each type, KIJO created a dashboard user interface to contain the functions and information relevant to that user.

Doctor Dashboard

Doctors can view appointments and patient details, as well as their own GP profile. The dashboard also contains an option to join a scheduled live video consultation. The app also allows the doctor to take notes and make prescriptions during the consultation, without having to switch between programmes. These notes are stored in the ClickGP system and are able to be reviewed and edited later.

Patient Dashboard

Patients can access the booking system via their dashboard and view upcoming consultations. They can also view their consultation history, including the date of consultation, doctors’ notes and prescriptions.

Admin Dashboard

The User Interface for Administrative users contains all the data and tools needed to manage the surgery. Administrators can create and adjust clinics and schedules through the dashboard.

A Digital Web App designed for the Doctor-Patient Relationship

The main feature of the ClickGP application is that doctors and patients can conduct live, private consultations via video calls. This element of the UI features prominently in these designs for all user types, on desktop, tablet and mobile views. The ClickGP system also includes a function for direct messages between patients and their doctors, allowing patients to ask for clarifications or questions without needing to book another appointment.

Patients can book consultations quickly and easily, with an intelligent booking system within the ClickGP application. Patients can log in and immediately select a date & time for their next consultation, removing the need for administrators to help every patient book by phone.

In traditional GP surgery, patients do not get to see what information their doctor has about them and how it impacts their decisions on treatment. With ClickGP, both Doctors’ and Patients’ accounts are designed to show users the patient’s full medical history. This is an important feature for any doctor recommending a treatment and a key advantage of having an online GP.

To ensure patient data is safe, KIJO used an industry-grade SSL to secure the entire ClickGP platform. Logging into ClickGP also requires 2-factor authentication, ensuring medical records remain safe and private.

Supporting ClickGP with Website Design

To support the web application, KIJO designed an accompanying marketing website. This is fully optimised for SEO and explains the application to new users and potential colleagues in a clear and visual way. The website is also used to present subscription packages and an option to sign up to the ClickGP service. Keeping the client in mind, KIJO built the website using WordPress, as this is a user-friendly web client enabling quick edits in the future.

While the platform has only recently been launched, the design & development work on both the application and website has been received positively by all project stakeholders.

Most importantly, it works. Early users have had successful access to GP appointments and services from the comfort of their own homes, using the ClickGP service.

It is humbling to imagine how this app development might revolutionise healthcare in the UK, were it to become commonplace nationwide. By building a product which could transform primary care, KIJO is furthering its mission to build the future.

Dr Adeel Riaz, Managing Director said:

Extremely happy with the outcome as the net product is amazing. The team at KIJO is world-class, approachable and know what they are doing. Highly recommended.

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