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Kickstarter Runs A New Crowdfunding Platform Called “Drip” To Reach Creators Easily

As a long-term Kickstarter project, Drip is a crowdfunding tool that allows people to subscribe to a creator and provide them payments. 

Kickstarter acquired the startup which might predate Patreon that was back from May 2016, and hosted the business on its website. Its new product was born out of that team. The most-known competitor, Patreon from 2013, becomes popular with podcasters and vloggers, and is reportedly on track to hand creator $150M in subscription revenues this year.


The difference that Drip hopes to create is their “founding member” approach. Moreover, Drip also wants to be more creator friendly and allow creators to reach subscribers to other crowdfunding platforms with this business model.

Rather than their competitors, Kickstarter has a unique set of incentives, and two years ago, rejoined the Public Benefit Corporation. Their purpose is not to go public and commit to the well-being of employees and creators above traditional metrics like revenue growth or profitability.


Kickstarter is for projects, Drip is for people.

On Kickstarter’s official announcement, they mention some key points such about the new community,

Today we launch a new Drip for artists and creators across the full spectrum of disciplines we support on Kickstarter. Just as artists, authors, game designers, musicians, and filmmakers use Kickstarter to fund and build community around their projects, Drip is a tool for people to fund and build community around their ongoing creative practice.

In recent years, we’ve seen the growing validation of subscriptions for serial online content creators — podcasters, YouTubers, bloggers — using tools like Flattr, Patreon, and Steady. It’s been great to see organizations build tools like these — the world is far from having too many tools for creators. But there remain large groups of artists and creators who don’t see subscriptions as fitting their creative practices. Our goal with the new Drip is to change that.

Drip is now in a limited beta period, and is invite-only for creators. It will open up for more artists in early 2018. 


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