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JWT Released The Future 100: 2018 As An Annual Forecast Of The Upcoming Year’s Trends

The Innovation Group by JWT presented this year’s Future 100 report this month.

Titled The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2018, the report acts as a snapshot of the year and reveals the most compelling trends to follow in 2018. Within the scope of J. Walter Thompson, Lucie Greene from The Innovation Group summarized 10 key categories for the future and divided them into trending subjects. Each category includes wonderful examples and projects from this year’s technological and global events and innovations and conduces to this year’s predicted trending topics.

Let’s read out the most trending subjects of the upcoming year and take our notes!




JWT Intelligence states that the AI technology merges into any field in the global culture this year. As human beings, being creative is one of our most unique skills, but when it combines with technology, it gets even much better.

When human-specific skills are combined with artificial intelligence, this happens as man and machine come close as artists to work with advancements in science, rather than seeing the opportunity as threatening to their work. As a referral,  British Choreographer, Wayne McGregor staged a +/- Human
and used AI as an algorithm-powered motor at London’s Roundhouse theater. This means, when it comes to accepting the potential benefit of people and machine-learning technologies, the potential power is undeniable.



As we mentioned the subject before, the Speedfactory of Adidas in Germany, reveals the hyper-personalized manufacturing as a trend in 3D print industry and when it becomes a reality, it plans to transform the way we shop and the prices we pay for our products.

Rowland Manthorpe, Associate Editor at Wired UK commented,  “The Speedfactory—and those like it—are not so much about the return of jobs or the rise of automation. They are about manufacturing catching up to the speed of the internet.”



One of mankind’s biggest utopia, Space travel covered a countable difference and innovations in 2017. But the real question is, will 2018 be the year that luxury space tourism takes off? 

As the founder of a private space flight services company called Blue Origin, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shares his opinion that states,Silicon Valley will bring the innovative technologies into space and promises to take tourists into space by April 2019. So, will the ultimate dream of space tourism happen? We’ll wait and see.



As we can say the biggest four global networks such as Facebook, Google, Netflix and Amazon, Facebook and Google are increasingly moving border regulations and traditional restrictions beyond intellectual property rights to create networks that are globally connected to grow a unified cultural framework.

Netflix had 104 million subscribers in 190 countries as of August 2017, ranging from Ireland to Japan to Afghanistan. In 2017, it produced about 50 film titles for debut globally, including comedies, dramas, anime, action movies, foreign films and documentaries. This leads to a great unification which will make globalization a trend again.



Titled Farming 2.0, vertical farms become increasingly popular since the rise of the organic and raw food consumption. Vertical farms, a marching experiment in urban agriculture, may finally be ready for a mainstream breakthrough.

Tobias Peggs, CEO of urban farming accelerator, Square Roots says,

People are losing trust in the industrial food system and want what we call ‘real food’. The industrial food system is not going to solve this problem. Instead, this presents an extraordinary opportunity for a new generation of entrepreneurs—those who understand urban agriculture, community, and the power of real, local food.

Retail merchants are assumed to inspire their consumers to take the vertical garden home. In the past few months, Ikea’s SPACE10, an innovation lab debuted the Lokal mini indoor farm prototype at London Design Week. The hydroponic project can fit into a kitchen, and can grow herbs and greens.



In April 2017, men’s skincare was named one of 2017’s top beauty trends by Google. The data is from the United States, France and Japan, showing searches evolving from “more general terms like ‘men’s skincare’ to more specific terminology, such as ‘men’s face wash’”.

This is very interesting because the male grooming market is reflecting a more refined work field. According to the Intelligence’s report, personal care brands will need to stop relying on stereotypical cues to reach male consumers.



At the luxury-end of the industry, several companies are making buying consignment designer goods less of a gamble. In October 2017, RealReal announced a partnership with Stella McCartney, who stated she was keen to promote a more circular economy and conserve natural resources.

In a similar vein, Vestiaire Collective offers pre-authenticated, vintage pieces from designers such as Céline and Hermès, on its website. Moreover, in 2013 Condé Nast led a $20 million round of investment in the business.



The perception of luxury is moving from private jets to deep beneath the sea surface, with the experience including restaurants, hotels, and travel. Exploring the deep oceans in a luxurious atmosphere is a real dream-come-true because next year in Norway, Europe’s first underwater restaurant will open, which is designed by architecture firm Snøhetta, it’s called Under.



For the endless wellness-seekers throughout the earth, food is becoming the new preventative health treatment which leads to a serious lack in need of medication. Instead of having toxic food or being a drug-addict, eating healthy and feeling good in the mind and body is an arising trend this year.

Even though, there are some personal services for this habit. Introducing themselves as a nutrition coaching service, Euphebe bills itself as a “health company whose prescription is food”. Their meals are plant-based, vegan, and come with nutrition coaching designed to break the “Crappy Food Cycle” for good.



It is undeniable that in today’s world, experience, well-being and self-improvement have become the three essential concepts of consumer spending. Yet unsurprisingly, these are being blurred by new products, new services and, more recently, by new experiences.

As being one of the most popular ones, an initiative called Goop by Gwyneth Paltrow is organizing seminars and summits called In Goop Health, they’re eager to inform their audience about cutting-edge panels of health-defining doctors and experts, along with a hall of experiential activations.

The highlights and key points are pretty impressive, especially for those who are working either in the marketing industry, or not it doesn’t matter at all. This year’s report makes a great potential guide to dig deep in consumer behaviour.

If you’re willing to learn more about the future trends, you can download the full trend report, here.

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