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Got a question in mind? The answer might be closer than you think! Check out the following Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Agency Network, its tool evaluation criteria and its services.

What are the benefits of being a DAN member?

85% of DAN’s visitors and followers are marketing industry professionals, top digital marketing agencies, digital-focused companies, brands, freelancers, employees, SaaS tools and decision-makers of corporate firms.


You can increase your visibility through DAN tool listings. DAN’s exclusive membership packages facilitate engaging your potential customers whilst filling your sales funnel with the network of your target audience.


At DAN, we offer annual membership packages that provide numerous benefits such as publishing content for SEO purposes that can be works, news or blogs, a dedicated profile page, accessible customer support, job postings, and social media shares by DAN for the monthly publications and many more.

What are the minimum requirements of being a DAN member?

A reliable website that is publicly available & not in Beta testing, an accessible email address or a LinkedIn page, right fitting with our existing Tools categories, transparency and software trustability.

How does DAN process payments?

We use PayPal for payments, which allows payments made with credit card.

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