Web Application Developer

Sanborn is looking for a Web Application Developer / Systems Administrator to join their office in New York.

Employer: Sanborn

Location: New York / USA

Position: Web Application Developer


Sanborn is currently looking for a Web Application Developer / Systems Administrator to join our Dev Team in Downtown Manhattan.

We Are:

A 35-person interactive shop based in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Los Angeles. We are designers, developers, producers, and editors — and those are just our day jobs. We create and manage the full battery of digital media goodness (web, mobile, social, video and live events to be specific) for clients who include sports teams like the LA Kings and the Portland Trail Blazers, fashion brands like DKNY and Calvin Klein, magazines like The New Yorker and WIRED and non-profits like The Girl Scouts and the College Board. We believe passionate, talented people all working together smoothly yields awesome work that lets us come back and do it again tomorrow WITHOUT pulling 80-hour weeks. . . which is our one, desperately simple goal in life.

Which brings us to you. . .

You Are:

A solid human being with a good sense of humor in search of a job with a shop that is big enough to bite off important, meaningful work and small enough to have fun doing it.

Essential Skills

• Attention to detail and a seamless user experience.
• Strong opinions on, and respect for, the design process.
• We mostly do PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript — we keep it lean and get the job done.
• You are comfortable enough at the command-line — Linux and OS X — and . . .
• Know your way around configuring Apache with help from the Interwebz, of course.
• Know what DevOps is but aren’t necessarily a zealot for any one process, technology, or denomination.
• Fearlessness in the face of basic server administration challenges and debugging (Vagrant included) with a strong respect for making backups before answering “Yes” to “Are you sure?”
• A willingness to express yourself through animated gifs and obscure movie quotes from the Youtube.
• Strong experience with a couple of frameworks and CMS or two. Maybe you’ve used WordPress, Laravel, Flight, or Solr.
• An understanding of QA / testing — we distribute our QA workload here, so it’s a team effort. You’ll be helping all of us build the best product possible.
• Work well at the 11th hour, but even better at the first and second so we can be out by happy hour.
• An ear to the ground for new tech, whether it comes from hacker news or a programming subreddit, and a desire to dive in and try it out.

Our House Rules Are Simple

• Honesty is paramount:
We get along and we constantly improve only because we don’t bullshit each other or our clients, we don’t hide or say what we think others want to hear. We do this with respect and we value truth, transparency, and honesty above all else.

• We do it live:
While we’re not reckless, we believe strongly in getting something in our hands quickly and iterating (as opposed to powerpointing/conceptualizing our way through life).

• We do it together:
Of course, there are times when we are in headphones-on, hyper-concentration mode. But we also draw a lot of support from each other and try to focus on the “human side” of development. We are curious students of the digital age who are interested in continuing to enhance our own work, sharing what we’ve learned, and learning from those around us.


Sanborn produces digital campaigns and products in web, mobile, social, video and experiential. Agility, innovation, and customer service guide our work.


225 Broadway Suite 1910, New York NY 10007