VP of Strategy

Y Media Labs is looking for a VP of Strategy to join their office in San Francisco.

Employer: Y Media Labs

Location:  San Francisco / USA

Position: VP of Strategy


Y Media Labs is a creative technology company that helps brands re-imagine their customer experiences. We create digital products with purpose that have lasting impact on users’ lives and clients’ businesses.

Through next generation technologies and world-class design, we help brands like Apple, PayPal, L’Oreal, Home Depot, and Staples develop solutions that drive major business outcomes. Founded in 2009, Y Media Labs is headquartered in Silicon Valley with four offices worldwide including Atlanta, Indianapolis & Bangalore.

We came of age with the invention of the app store. We have mobile in our DNA. We create solutions across the digital ecosystem. But we approach these problems from our mobile roots. Unlike agencies who are born desktop, we are deeply connected to how consumer perception has shifted thanks to the mobile lifestyle.

We have delighted over 407 million users, built over 200+ apps with 6.45 million downloads, partnered with 28 Fortune 500 companies, been responsible for over $100 billion in mobile transactions and been featured on the app store over 700+ times!

Portfolio of our work can be [email protected] ymedialabs.com/work

Live look into our engineering team @ medium.com/ymedialabs-innovation

Live look into our design team @ dribbble.com/ymedialabs

Our strategy group inspires our team to create experiences that have lasting impact. We’re thought leaders on the frontiers of human design, on the bleeding edge of culture and technology. We uncover insights that shine light on new opportunity areas for innovation and guide our work toward powerful new solutions. Expert story tellers, our strategy team architects inspiring and clear visions that move teams toward the most promising outcomes. This role is an extremely strategic role, which will have massive influence on YML employees and clients.

In short, our strategists help our team imagine the future of human experience.

Core Responsibilities:

• Create a vision for the strategy team and opportunity to build the team
• Lead clients toward powerful solutions
• Leveraging IQ and EQ to earn trust and become thought leader partner for a portfolio of key accounts
• Combining empathy with data, create unique views on the problem statement, customer personas and needs, opportunity areas and solution territories that will provide the highest value to customer and to our clients’ business
• Develop insights with traditional and next gen research and testing methods, at all stages of strategic and creative development, from opportunity mapping through concept testing, usability and multi-variant testing to analytics assessment
• Craft compelling presentations that effectively deliver a strategic point of view, those that are equal parts artful inspiration and scientific discipline
• Develop frameworks for clients to prioritize experience and product elements.
• In partnership with UX, Engineering and Creative, co-develop and lead client workshops in new and inspiring ways
• Elevate the reputation of YML with distinctive perspectives on the industry and culture
• Contribute to industry-leading research, white papers, and speaking engagements


• Deep knowledge developing world-class digital experience and product strategy
• Strong track record working for top-tier brands at world-class agencies, with particular depth in categories that represent complex customer experiences, such as healthcare, financial services, or retail
• Strong case studies of strategies that led to breakthrough creative and highly effective outcomes
• Have the ability to influence the C-level of Fortune 500 companies
• Experience leading strategy department for a digital agency

Ideal Mindset:

• An energetic go-getter with an entrepreneurial spirit and a relentless focus on creating amazing work
• A ‘hands on’ individual with a high degree of initiative and dynamism
• A solid communicator and collaborator, someone who values the power of words and wields it gracefully
• A design-obsessed individual, one who loves solving large problems and applying the best in systems thinking to do it holistically
• A brand visionary, who can help paint the picture for how brands should power their digital experiences

Job Application Link: https://ymedialabs.com/role?gh_jid=P_AAAAAAIAACBJjpCJh-rsPz

Y Media Labs

Award-winning creative technology company that helps brands re-imagine their customer experiences, through next-generation technologies and world-class design.


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