Technical Architect

Beyond is looking for a Technical Architect to join their office in New York.

Employer: Beyond

Location: New York / USA

Position: Technical Architect


Beyond is looking for a Technical Architect (TA) for our New York Studio. The TA must possess a broad engineering background with experience using a variety of products, platform, and programming languages; with the ability to dive deep into complex business processes and understand the technology platforms which support them.

You’ll be working with teams of incredibly talented individuals across all disciplines in order to ideate, plan and deliver world leading products for some of the world’s biggest brands.

The Technical Architect is responsible for a project lifecycle from beginning to end. Technical design, strategy and overseeing the successful delivery of projects with the team, helping to overcome any hurdles along the way.

“Vision is lovely, but vision alone doesn’t ship. It’s the people who can carry vision through; and not just by handing off a plan or drawing a diagram, but by actually working through the challenges of execution, who are most valuable.”

What will you be doing:

At Beyond our TAs work across many initiatives and pitches / responses for different clients in parallel. Depending on the phase of the project you may be be a part of the requirements gathering and scoping process, product, framework and library selection. Integrating 3rd party systems and data pipelines, leading the technical delivery team and working with senior engineers & subject matter experts to identify and resolve issues.

You’ll be responsible for determining the build processes, CI & CD pipelines along with data security protocols. Working with the client’s technical team to resolve dependencies, incorporate requirements and working with the whole delivery team throughout sprint cycles. You will need to be hands on, sometimes working with code, while creating technical design documents and scripts to analyze systems against metrics – Penetration, load, stress and soak testing strategies.

You will need to have a broad level of experience, both in terms of frontend and server-side technologies at our disposal as well as knowledge across a variety of client industries. You will be looking for opportunities to innovate, and use emerging technologies creatively in order to solution systems. You will look to create efficiency, repeatable processes and ensure effective and drama-free delivery.

This position is based out of our New York Studio, however there may be up to [40%] travel to work with teams in other Beyond offices or for client site visits.


• Responsible within a team for the overall tech implementation – from initial requirements gathering, through identifying the team and skill sets needed, project execution, and launch
• Decision making, with input from the broader technical team, related to all aspects of the technology platform
• Participating in pitches to help prospective clients understand Beyond’s proposed solution, this is a client-facing role
• Translating complex technical considerations into language that non-technical clients can understand and use to make informed decisions
• Product and platform selection, reviewing the pros and cons of different approaches or products, and making recommendations on the best technical platform for delivery taking into account both initial development, release processes as well as longer-term maintenance
• Working with Beyond’s Strategy, User Experience, Design, Content, Product, Program Management, and other teams to ensure the development team is aware of the items to-do and priority in guiding development, and making sure those other groups understand the technical plan, opportunities, and challenges
• Working with the development team as the project progresses in order to preemptively identify and navigate around issues, deal with unexpected changes during the iterative development process, and partner with Project Managers and Product Owners to shepherd the development process through to completion
• Working within the broader Beyond team to identify next steps upon successful project delivery – additional phases, handover to internal teams and/or third parties
• Hosting considerations for both cloud and on-prem, including price forecasting and if needs be, policies for spot instance bidding
• Initial scoping of the engagement based on information either provided by clients or our own suggested initiatives, asking any clarifying questions to better determine level of effort and timing

Required Skills and Experience:

• 8+ years working with a variety of technologies and industries, including experience orchestrating cross-functional, enterprise level technical projects
• 3+ years working in an agency environment or contracting (working with different clients / platforms / system) preferred
• Expert-level experience in JavaScript, Node, Python, Java or C#
• Data stores (RDBMS, Document and Key Value Stores, Graph DBs, Search), 3rd party integrations, test plans and more
• Knowledge of Mapreduce, Big Data and Machine learning – Hadoop, BigQuery, Data warehousing
• High availability system design using principles such as Asynchronous programming, queueing strategies, event busses, ESB and PubSub
• Uptime and DR Strategies with failure planning
• Experience with more than one of the following JavaScript frameworks, and an informed opinion on what the strengths and trade-offs are for each: Vanilla JS, Angular, React, Vue
• Semantic HTML to WCAG 2.0 AA
• CSS and post processors such as SASS and PostCSS
• Experience working with non-coded deliverables as inputs from other disciplines using tools such as Photoshop, Sketch, InVision, Figma, etc.
• Practical released-to-production-level experience with various cloud platforms, with Google Cloud Platform and AWS highly preferred
• Extensive understanding of design patterns, general object-oriented and functional are programming best practices, using coding standards across multiple languages
• Soft-skills include being able to translate technical concepts to non-technical audiences, explaining the pros/cons of different technical design and implementation choices, building consensus, the ability to handle changing priorities and use good judgment when working in stressful situations, and the ability to leverage a highly experienced and opinionated development team to their fullest
• Possess a strong intellectual curiosity to continually challenge what exists and explore what should be changed or created to best meet the evolving business and market–
• Ability to lead a team and make decisions in fast-changing environments and ambiguous situations
• The successful candidate will possess the ability to think of both the big conceptual / strategic ideas and the minute tactical details together at the same time, vetting one against the other to ensure the abstract vision is also practical, that the innovative idea can actually ship

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