SEO Specialist

Primal Malaysia is looking for an SEO Specialist to join their team in Kuala Lumpur.

Employer: Primal Malaysia

Location: Kuala Lumpur / Asia

Position: SEO Specialist


If You’ve Been Looking For THAT Opportunity To Align Yourself With a Growing Company And Play An Integral Role In Their Growth…Then This Will Be The ONLY Job Description You’ll Need to Read…

**Candidates are subject to a test of their abilities**

We’re a passionate team of high-performing online marketing and growth experts. We insist on hiring the finest talent to join our tribe.

We’re looking for a hungry, fast-moving individual to join our team. We seek top performers with a relentless focus on detail and work independently and in a team and, above all, have the hunger and drive to learn within the team and themselves.

We aren’t your average agency. Everything we do aims to help our clients maximize the number of leads, sales, and bookings they generate online.

We have our finger on the pulse, constantly innovating in SEO, paid traffic, social, content, and conversions.

This is a great opportunity to work with a highly skilled digital marketing team while building a solid career in the most exciting industry globally.

People who thrive at Primal:

• Startup minded, not having a to-do list doesn’t scare you
• Adaptable, you move fast with change
• Growth mindset, you are quick to fail and quick to learn
• Grit, you are resilient to constant challenges

We’re after a switched-on SEO Specialist who has:

• Understands the search landscape and understands SEO metrics and levers for success as well as finds opportunities and risks
• Experience conducting keyword research and selecting powerful keywords to drive qualified traffic
• Technical SEO knowledge including on-page and off-page SEO optimisation and ranking strategies
• Ability to analyse, review and make recommendations for websites to increase visibility
• Strong familiarity with Google Analytics – you can deep dive into the data and pull out insights!
• Experience with developing and/or conducting link building strategies
• Able to build out detailed SEO strategy reports

Job Requirements:

• Education: Degree in business, digital marketing, or related field
• 3 years+ of experience in SEO, Marketing and any related field
• Exceptional verbal and written communication skills in both English and local language
• Solid local market and consumer knowledge
• Initiative and growth mindset
• Extremely organized and detail-oriented
• Self-disciplined and motivated as well as a team player
• Ability to meet deadlines and ability to handle large volumes of projects quickly across various industries
• Excellent communication and presentation skills
• Ability to collect, track, and analyse large amounts of data
• Strong familiarity with Google Analytics – you can deep dive into the data and pull out insights
• Technical SEO knowledge including on- and off-page SEO optimisation and ranking strategies
• Experience conducting keyword research and selecting powerful keywords to drive qualified traffic
• Adaptability, strong logical thinking and problem-solving skills
• Ability to build rapport and collaborate with others within the company and externally
• Understanding of consumer behaviors and industry trends


• A good command over HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript & WordPress
• Experience with GitHub, AWS, SSH, Google Tag Manager, JS debugging. We build a lot of landing pages, eCommerce websites, and sometimes completely custom projects, all using conversion centered best practices. Someone interested in practically applying your skills to solve real business problems

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Primal Malaysia

Primal Malaysia

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