Junior Project Manager

KNI is looking for a Junior Project Manager to join their office in San Francisco.

Employer: KNI

Location: San Francisco / USA

Position: Junior Project Manager


We’re currently seeking a fresh, energetic individual looking to shadow Kurt on all aspects of account management, project management as well as marketing and sales efforts.

This role is a unique opportunity for the right individual who wants to trade their energy for 20 years of digital wisdom.


• Helping traffic tasking through managed slack channels
• Learning and eventually shouldering more and more client communication and scheduling
• Joining and eventually participating in capabilities presentations
• Joining In-person sales meetings and eventually learning to even take a few solo meetings over time
• Learning the Pitch Deck and eventually working on and taking more ownership over sales deck and marketing efforts
• Learning the digital marketing landscape, what tools clients are using, and, importantly, how they work at a high level, as well as how our development and creative team feels about them
• Helping track project hours, creating and managing tasking spreadsheets and sprints


• We care very little about where you went to school and how academically decorated you are
• What we’re looking for is a really great, positive communicator who can craft eloquent, client-sensitive communication in slack channels and via email
• We’re looking for someone that we can bring into a weekly zoom meeting or in-person client session and everyone instantly feels that “this is a great, energizing person” glow
• Applicants should understand and demonstrate that social dynamics and communication are ultimately what drive successful client and talent management

Job Application Link: https://www.kurtnoble.com/careers


KNI is a full service Digital Agency, headquartered in San Francisco, helping clients drive conversion and growth, via fully scalable, seamlessly integrated websites.


720 York St. #103 San Francisco, CA



[email protected]

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