Group Media Director

9thWonder is looking for a Group Media Director to join their office in Los Angeles.

Employer: 9thWonder

Location:Los Angeles / USA

Position: Group Media Director


The 9thWonder team is looking for a Group Media Director to join our fast-growing team of diverse talents. 9thWonder is a strategic marketing, media & creative content company. We see the wonder in the product and services we use every day. While they may fade into the backdrop of our daily lives, we recognize their significance. We unearth the compelling difference. Then bring it to life in a way that elevates the brand from commodity to remind us all of its importance. One company. Seven long hallways, with locations in Houston, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Buenos Aires, and Vietnam.

You’ll play a central role in rallying internal and external partners around plans. This employee may sit in any of our core markets: Houston, LA, Dallas, or Denver.


• Prepare and present media plans, including objectives, strategy, rationale and all back-up materials. Learn all aspects of client business and marketing objectives
• Manage and train a team of media planners and assistant media planners
• Supervise the execution of media plans, including preparation of media budgets, schedules of insertions, and supporting materials
• Goal setter – set the direction for your team and devise plans for short-term and long-term growth and success
• Prepare media authorizations per approved plans/project requests
• Prepare buy releases upon client authorizations as well as budget recaps for clients
• Monitor buys during the negotiation process and check final buys for adherence to guidelines
• Assist the Media Finance group in reconciling budgets and expenditures
• Interface with senior client leadership on a regular basis and effectively communicate ongoing media activities
• Meet with media vendors for evaluating new information/services and to maintain good rapport with sales representatives; maintain high professional profile
• Demonstrate thought leadership and innovation for enhanced media plans and results
• Accountability for account budgets and billing


• Minimum of 7-10 years of media planning experience; mix of media planning and comms planning skills strongly preferred
• Minimum 6 years of experience in managing and growing a team
• An understanding of all marketing communications mediums (including digital and offline channels)
• Strong leadership skills and the ability to become an “influential consultant” to clients
• Knack for linking business goals with strategic executions
• Well-rounded thinker – equally strong conceptual, analytical, and executional
• Strong presentation skills, able to construct a logical and cogent narrative
• Proficiency in media terminology, media math, calculations and KPI development and third-party research tools
• Strong experience in CPG/Pharma category is a plus for this position

The Legal Stuff?

9thWonder offers a fun and rewarding environment, where every associate is valued. That’s not just a legal HR statement, we appreciate all members of the team and thrive to craft a culture where the best idea is boss. While we thank you in advance for your interest, please know we will only respond to those whose experience and skills most closely match the requirements of the position. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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9thWonder is an ambitious, independent marketing agency composed of diverse thinkers committed to creating not just short-term but long-lasting impact for its clients.

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