Frontend Developer

Edenspiekermann is looking for a Frontend Developer to join their office in Berlin.

Employer: Edenspiekermann

Location:Berlin / EU

Position: Frontend Developer

Job Description:

Edenspiekermann is one of the leading agencies for Brand Development, Service Design and Digital Products & Services globally. We are over 100 thinkers and makers. We are designers, developers, researchers, writers, creators and facilitators from more than 18 nations.

We are working on international projects such as Zeit Online the Red Bull Music Academy, the City of Amsterdam or FontShop. Next to the two main offices in Berlin and Amsterdam, Edenspiekermann also runs offices in Singapore, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

We concept and build websites and web applications, and we currently need some extra hands (and preferably at least one head) work with our busy frontend developers.

When coding with us you’ll work with:

• Other great developers, who care about the things we build and make a point of fitting in things like code reviews and co-learning
• Super skilled designers, who know that a design is more than just a surface and who are always open to good ideas (yes, also from developers)
• Whichever tools help us get the job done well, such as Linters, Github, NPM, React, Webpack, CraftCMS, Contentful, SassDoc, GastbyJS, GraphQl – to name a diverse few
• Interesting projects
• Agile workflows (mostly scrum) and respect towards work/life balance
• Responsive design, accessibility optimization and much, much more

We’d need for you to:

• be well versed in React, ES6, and JavaScript programming patterns
• have experience with component based architecture/design systems
• have a knack for semantic markup and accessibility
• feel at home in SCSS or CSS
• sport at least 4 years of experience building stuff on the internet
• feel comfortable with writing tests
• have working knowledge of Node.js
• know your way around different templating engines
• be comfortable using Git and Github, working with branches and pull requests

We’d love it if you:

• care about user experience
• carry a banner for living style guides and element libraries
• wenjoy working in small, cross-competency teams
• want to come work in our office together with the rest of the team
• value agile processes and think they are key to a project’s success
• have designed applications using RESTful data
• speak German (although English is the main language)
• are just a really nice human being

We don’t believe there’s such a thing as perfect code, but we know that there’s damn good solutions to a lot of problems. If you’d like to help us in searching out the best ones and you recognize yourself in the above, get in touch.

We would love to grab a beverage of your choice and discuss our future together. You’d help us make a faster decision, if you provide some sample code or a GitHub repository.

Job Application Link: https://jobs.edenspiekermann.com/berlin/695915386426-frontend-developer


Edenspiekermann is an international multidisciplinary design & communication agency focused to innovate brands and design smart, meaningful brand experiences.


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