Front-End Developer

iamota is looking for a Front-End Developer to join their team in Vancouver.

Employer: iamota

Location: Vancouver / Canada

Position: Front-End Developer


We are looking for a front-end web developer to join us in creating interfaces for enterprise level e-commerce and marketing clients. Our ideal candidate has a passion for the work they produce, a drive to grow their knowledge through code-reviews and industry research, and the ability to solution and communicate technical challenges. You will work closely with a team of strategists, designers, and developers to produce online experiences that are user-focused, fully-tested, well-documented, performant, and written with reuse and maintainability in mind.

Note: we’re only pursuing candidates with existing paperwork to legally work in Canada and are available to work on site at our downtown Vancouver office.

What You’ll Do:

• Implement responsive web-based user experiences using HTML, CSS, JavaScript or other related technologies based on provided design mockups
• Write clean semantic code, emphasizing performance and usability
• Identify reusable patterns by writing and leveraging component-based code
• Collaborate closely with cross-functional design, UX, development, and strategy teams
• Stay up to date on current and future front-end web development technologies, specifications, and frameworks and make recommendations on when they are appropriate to use
• Perform cross-device QA testing and patching to support multiple browsers, screen sizes, and device types
• Execute other development tasks as defined from time to time

Who We’re Looking For:


• Have a degree in computer science, diploma from a technical college in web development, or related work experience (2+ years)
• Have a solid understanding of modern front-end development techniques (progressive enhancement, mobile-first development) and cross-browser/platform challenges and solutions
• Are experienced with component-based or “atomic design” principles
• Are experienced with MVC, including templating languages (Twig, Liquid, or similar)
• Knowledgeable about code versioning with Git and comfortable developing work on branches and submitting pull-requests
• Can comfortably use and configure the CMS for projects you develop (WordPress, Shopify, or similar)
• Experienced with agile working sprints and daily project stand-ups


• Able to strategize rapidly and are comfortable presenting your knowledge and ideas to others
• Willing to negotiate an “ideal solution” that finds compromises between requirements, budget, user experience, and best practices
• Openly share your passion for development in both your coding ability and personality–we love a good lunch & learn
• Actively contribute to ways we can improve the lives of our clients and team


• Proficient in configuring linters & code standardizers in your IDE of choice (Sublime Text, Atom, VS Code)
• Familiar with basic terminal commands and script tools (Git, NPM, Grunt, or similar)
• Experience with project tracking tools as a core part of your workflow (Trello, JIRA, FogBugz, or similar)

Job Application Link: https://www.iamota.com/careers/#current-open-positions


iamota is a digital agency with a focus on e-commerce.


401 – 860 Homer St., Vancouver, BC V6B 2W5



[email protected]

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