Front-End Developer

Blue Fountain Media is looking for a Front-End Developer to join their office in New York.

Employer: Blue Fountain Media

Location: New York / USA

Position: Front-End Developer


Blue Fountain Media is seeking experienced Front-End Developers to integrate into a Web Development Team.

The Front-End Developer will engage with a team of other Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers and Digital Development Project Managers to help develop projects to specification, from start to finish.

Who You Are:

• Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field
• 3-5 years of website development experience in front-end applications (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
• High adaptability/proficiency to the use of different javascript libraries such as Prototype.js, React.js, Vue.js, Angular, etc.
• Experience with CSS3, browser issues and feature sets, and how to get past them without compromising the work
• Experience working with CMS systems including, but not limited to: Magento, WordPress, Drupal
• Development experience within an agency environment utilizing both Agile and Waterfall methodologies
• Ability to manage and execute on multiple tasks within established deadlines;
• Excellent organizational, written and communication skills
• All business is conducted in English; Working proficiency in the language is required for international candidates

What You’ll Do:

• Hands on programming with excellent debugging and problem solving skills
• Provide information and explanation of coding necessities to non-technical users (i.e.; Project Managers, Account Managers and the client if needed)
• Implement SEO best practices while coding HTML, Javascript and CSS, as required for scope of the project
• Extract media in an optimized fashion using Photoshop PSD files provided by a Design Team
• Interact with Design and Information Architecture teams to ensure integrity of Technical Specifications and Design intent
• Effectively deploy and use AJAX, JavaScript, JSON, and JavaScript Frameworks as needed to drive development requirements
• Assurance that projects achieve desired business and technical objectives
• Establishment of close working relationships with internal team members

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Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is a digital agency based in NYC. By creating lovable experiences that merge imagination and technology, they help brands move from now to next.


102 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016


(646) 798-1616

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