Director of Strategic Analitcs

Deutsch is looking for a Director of Strategic Analitcs to join their team in Los Angeles.

Employer: Deutsch

Location: Los Angeles / USA

Position: Director of Strategic Analitcs


We’re growing and doing some amazing work based on data-inspired strategies and looking to build out our strategic analytics discipline within our Data Intelligence group. We need exceptional people who understand that science and creativity live and breathe together.

We’re looking for someone with a consultancy mindset that can throw down and get their hands dirty with data and then help our client develop the very best strategy to win day in and day out against the competition. In short, we’re looking for a strategist who uses data creatively to come and work in one of the best places to work. Is that you?


Position is for a senior-level strategy guru who knows how to use data to inspire great work. The right person for this job will lead and drive client growth with new ideas and hypotheses born out of observations from both data AND their deep business experience.

This person won’t just answer the “what if” questions – they’ll go beyond to understand how to grow business: What is the business problem to solve? Where is our best opportunity? Who is the audience to focus on? What do we know about the consumer that can drive resonant creative? How best can we impact the consumer journey?

Curiosity, creativity, affinity for data and a solid understanding of how businesses succeed are needed for this varied role. We are looking for someone who will lead the strategic analytics discipline. This position will guide the use of data to move the business forward – identifying opportunities, overcoming challenges and seeing future competition.

They will work closely with brand planners, media planners, creatives and directly with our clients. They will partner with these team members to inspire better solutions for our clients – advocating a data inspired approach from inception to execution.

• Provide consultancy and guidance on how and where a client can source business growth
• Lead analyses on business and consumer opportunities
• Identify business-changing insights from existing or new data sources, delivered with a world class communication style
• Collaborate with marketing partners and strategy teams to understand business and marketing objectives and develop analytics approaches to meet those objectives
• Develop segmentation schemes, recommended targets and audience planning
• Lead understanding of consumer and marketplace behaviors, particularly those that most impact business and marketing goals
• Provide deep understanding of target consumer – beyond data and stats – to find interesting observations and insights that are meaningful and actionable
• Partner with planning teams to identify key insights that will inspire creative resonance
• Evaluate data and research/analytics vendors for client needs or as they approach clients
• Translate data into clear, compelling, and actionable insights

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